Bianca Gascoigne Shows Off Her Boobs As She Poses In Skimpy Lingerie Sets After Revealing That She Wants To Undergo The Process Of Freezing Her Eggs (11 Pics)

Bianca Gascoigne Shows Off Her Boobs As She Poses In Skimpy Lingerie Sets After Revealing That She Wants To Undergo The Process Of Freezing Her Eggs

In February 2021, she surprised her fans with the news of breaking up with Kris Boyson. The couple dated for almost one year, and they were considering starting a family together. Soon after the announcement of their breakup, Bianca has revealed that she is interested in freezing her eggs so that she can get rid of the pressure of meeting someone and settling with them as soon as possible. She offered her fans some sultry images as she posed in skimpy lingerie sets, which flaunted her stunning physique.


Bianca Gascoigne sexy

Bianca was seen modeling a skimpy green lingerie set featuring a lacy bra top with underwire detailing and a tiny bottom. The top part showed off her ample assets and taut stomach, while the underwired detailing gave her assets a slight lift. The bottom part highlighted her lovely curves and thighs.


Bianca Gascoigne lovely curves

As she gave a frontal view, her attractive legs were also visible. Her blond locks were styled in loose waves to cascade on her back and shoulder. She accessorized her look with small stud earrings, which added to her beauty.

She chose the glam side of the makeup palette that included a glossy pink lip color and pretty eye makeup with eyelash extensions. Her sultry gaze at the camera made her look tempting.

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Bianca Gascoigne look tempting

Bianca was also seen sitting while bending her legs. Her toned, slender legs could be seen in the images.


Bianca Gascoigne looked alluring

She lifted her hands on top of her head to give a better view of her lovely curves. She looked alluring as the ensemble emphasized her jaw-dropping body.


Bianca Gascoigne lacy blue bikini

The reality star also donned a lacy blue bikini which included a skimpy top and a matching bottom. The top part flaunted her ample assets and toned midriff, while the bottom part appreciated her sexy curves and pretty legs. Her hairstyle and makeup look matched well to make her look tempting.


Bianca Gascoigne mind-blowing physique

She kneeled on the floor while posing for the image, which flexed her lovely legs. The lingerie set hugged her body to appreciate her mind-blowing physique.


Bianca Gascoigne sexy curves

She was also seen posing while giving a view of her pretty side profile.

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Bianca Gascoigne charming cleavage

Her charming cleavage and lovely curves were on display as she looked straight at the camera while posing.

Bianca has always expressed her wish to be a mother. Bianca showed her concern about her biological clock when she was dating Kris. She said none of them was “getting any younger,” and they can have “really cute babies.” However, after their split, Bianca has become concerned about her motherhood. She stated, “I’m 35 in October and I’m at the age where women start worry about their biological clock.” She added, “I definitely see settling down and having kids as the next stage in my life, but seeing as I’m single now it makes sense to do this as a kind of insurance.”