Black Panther 2 Can Actually Bring ‘Namor’ As Its Villain


Marvel’s latest entry Black Panther, has been massively incredible in every way. The movie broke almost every blockbuster record within just 5 days of its release and went on to become the highest grossing comic book movie ever. Not to mention, it has the highest earning for a Superhero origin movie during it’s the first weekend beating out Justice League. While Justice League made $228 Million in 91 days, Black Panther made $235 million in just 4!

Thanks to the combined genius of Ryan Coogler and Chadwick Boseman, they have really created something magical for everyone.  Marvel President Kevin Feige has already claimed it to be the best Marvel movie they have ever made till now. This movie has had an immense impact on the entire MCU as it brought in so many game-changing aspects into the mix.

There is no doubt that Black Panther will get a sequel or even more if it continues with the success it’s seen currently. A sequel will definitely come around 2021 or 2022.Black Panther has cemented itself in the MCU for the next decade and we can’t wait to see him team up again in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. So, we could really expect huge things to come for the sequel as well.

The best part of the movie was how Killmonger’s entire arc was incorporated and how his tragic back story turned him into one of the best villains in the MCU. Erik Killmonger has raised the bar very high, so it is only fitting that we can expect to see a huge villain in the sequel.

Erik Killmonger was not the typical villain but more of an Anti-Villain with a personal agenda, that had a big impact in defining how T’Challa will pursue in the future.

After Killmonger, the next best villain we can think of to be a worthy match for T’Challa could be Namor the Submariner.  Namor is a big name in the Marvel comics and has fought against Black Panther on many counts in the comics.

Making Namor the antagonist in the next Black Panther movie would be a perfect way to introduce Namor on the big screen, it will make Black Panther 2 even bigger, and it will make Namor different from Aquaman since he will be introduced as someone who opposes the protagonist.

Namor could work in the same way it has worked for Erik Killmonger and even the Winter Soldier in the MCU. Killmonger was committed to his agenda right till the very end. Namor’s character story could be defined in a perfect way in Black Panther 2, and then to show he has a change of heart, and become the hero we know he is. This could lead to his own solo movie in the future and introduce the underwater world of Atlantis.

Namor is the only big villain that could fill the void left by Erik Killmonger. His strength would provide a worthy opponent for T’Challa and his army a good match for Wakanda as well in the MCU.