Black Panther Defeated Thanos In Seconds Making Him Smarter Than Iron-Man Or Batman, Here’s How He did It


T’Challa, King of Wakanda is the Black Panther and is known as the protector of world’s most technologically advanced nation. He is a master of almost all martial arts and is without a doubt, the smartest person to have lived. Black Panther was an Avenger, an Ultimate, and also, a member of the Illuminati.

He gains his power from the Panther God, and the way in which he applies them is pretty astonishing- he combines intellect, fighting skills, and technology, to a very devastating effect. He is a noble hero, and when he puts his mind to something, there is very little that he ‘cannot’ accomplish.

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The Black Panther has single-handedly taken down Ultron, he rode Silver Surfer’s cosmic board and invented a branch of science and a lot more. The Panther God had made him her personal Black Panther and even gave him the knowledge and strength of all the dead Wakanadan kings before him.

Oh and also, he even defeated Thanos once. Yup, that happened.

Thanos is the most feared villain in Marvel Comics, and the utterance of his name sends people scurrying in fear. But for Black Panther, dealing with this Mad Titan was easy.

Before Marvel’s “Civil War II,” the purple villain landed on Earth and killed War Machine, and even puts She-Hulk in a coma.

He then escapes prison and meets the Ultimates, of which Black Panther is a part.

While Captain Marvel and Ms. America attempt to keep Thanos busy, T’Challa had invented a device ‘on the spot’ from a broken jail cell which had once held Anti-Man.

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He used this device to project a field in Thanos’s brain and blocked his electrical synapses, and this knocked him out immediately.