18 Breath-Taking Black Widow Cosplays Will Get You Hyped For Scarlett In Avengers Infinity War


Infinity War is a few days away. Apart from the anticipation of who will win, Thanos or the Avengers, most fans are looking forward d to seeing Scarlett Johansson in her all-new look for the Black Widow. The Bruce Banner and Natasha romance is also one element of the movie that the fans are waiting to see.

Black Widow is a very much loved character in the Marvel Universe, both in the comic and the MCU. Although she has been a crucial part of many controversies due to her over sexual depiction, she is surely loved by most of the fans.

The Marvel fans took her immediately, and so did the critics. As sexy as she is, she is also a bad ass hero.

Here are 18 great cosplays of the Black Widow which will make you fall in love with again:

1. Sexxxyy!!

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2. Almost!!

3. Ooomph!!

4. Awesome!

5. Hot!!

6. Amazing!

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7. Coool!!

8. This is Awesome!!

9. Hot Look

10. Flaunted!

11. Desirable!

12. Tempting!!

13. Appealing!

14. Passionately Sexy!!

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15. Attractive!

16. Super Hot!

 17. Super Sexy!

18. Wonderful!