Breaking Body Boundaries- Lizzo Wears A Highly Revealing Outfit

Breaking Body Boundaries- Lizzo Wears A Highly Revealing Outfit

The body positivity queen, Lizzo, 33 years old, wears a revealing workout thong set, showing off her curvy body and confidence to her fans on Instagram, last Sunday. The Grammy-winning singer has been seen slowly climbing up a private jet, showcasing her assets.

Lizzo has been known for professing body positivity for a very long time, although she now prefers being body normative. She also wore a black bra over her sexy set, showing off her cleavage along with square-shaped black sunglasses, black pencil heels, black tresses, and a white neckpiece. She left her hair open with loose curls.

The set comes from her new clothing line, specifically a shapewear line called Yitty, in partnership with Fabletics. The name of the line is also personalized and close to her, as it is her childhood name.

It launched today, that is, 12th April, and is designated for all body types. She has a fan following of 12 million and her fans praised her for launching this and appreciated her body, confidence, and motives through likes and comments.

The brand has approximately a hundred different pieces under three categories: Nearly Naked, Mesh Me, and Major Label. The outfit was further enhanced, as the lady boss paired it with black pointed high heels, and huge glasses.

She wore a single piece of accessory- that was a piece of neckless- embedded with a diamond. It happened to read her brand name- Yitty. She curled her hair, parting them in between giving her a daily look. She shared a video also informing about the release of her new song.

Her fans also appreciate it and share how her music and she have made them feel better. The fans already seem excited for her new release of the album, as well as for the release of her new line- Yitty. She also adds that she does not intend to sell only clothes or active wear.

Through this initiative of hers- she also plans to sell confidence to her customers. The prime intention is to adore all body shapes and sizes. Through this brand, Lizzo believes that she is trying to sell a body normative mentality rather than positivity.

She wants to convey that it should not be like, how brave someone is to wear this dress. Rather, it should be normalized. Like nothing else to see here else than a person wearing a dress on a normal body. Her fans were pleased by this and her impressive shapewear line.