Britney On Her Way To Have Her Third Child

Britney On Her Way To Have Her Third Child

Be it declaring her new releases or pregnancy, nobody does it better than Britney. The 40-year-old celebrity singer breaks her silence on the topic of her pregnancy, giving her confirmation to the news. The star posted a video on Instagram last Tuesday, wearing a revealing outfit, embracing her pregnancy belly.

The star is said to be carrying her fiancé Sam Ashgari’s baby. She adds an interesting caption to her post. The star talks about modeling in her clothes before they get too tight to get fit. She reveals her bump before it’s visibly clear to all. She further adds Sarah Jessica Parker, as she talks about the arrangement of flowers on her neck.

The star seems super glad as she manages to get into her pants even after being pregnant. But let’s see till when? The star flooded her Instagram displaying her amusing fashion sense. First a floral print crop top, and jeans, and then she posted in high heels, wearing a white-colored full sleeve shirt, revealing her tiny belly.

To add sassiness, she paired it with a black colored mini skirt. She confirms her pregnancy via posting on her Instagram handle. In her caption, she writes about the pregnancy test taken, which turned out to be positive. She declares that she is “having a baby”, through her posts on Instagram. But Britney believes in leaving her followers confused.

She further writes that this might be her food baby, as she took the test only because she seemed to have gained some weight while on vacation. Britney has experienced pregnancy twice before, though this would be the first child of hers and Sam Asghari. She is a mother of two Sean Preston16, and Jayden James15, from her ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Rumour has it that Britney no longer sticks to the title “Miss”, as she drops hints in her latest post. The star refers to her current fiancé as “husband”. This leads to suspicions about her the idea that the couple might have had a secret marriage.

Though the doubts about her food belly get busted, as her partner also shares on social media an image of a lion with their cubs, and calls Britney a lioness. He expresses his positive notion towards marriage and a happy family, well blessed with kids.

He also shows his excitement about fatherhood and says that he has always looked forward to it, and is very serious about it. Britney’s ex-partner also congratulates the couple for welcoming a new member to their little family.

The wishes were revealed by Kevin’s lawyer- Mark Vincent, who says that the star knows about his ex-wife’s pregnancy and also gives his best wishes for the same. A positive response came from her sister Jamie Lynn Spears, with whom there has existed a catfight and cold war. Jamie liked the post.

Intimate friend circle also congratulates the couple-. Paris Hilton comments down her Congratulations and her excitement. Her first marriage took place within four months, as she met Kevin- one of her background dancers. The couple stayed married till 2007, for two years, and Kevin got whole custody of their sons.

Reports have revealed Britney financially assists Kevin for maintain the kid’s education expenses. She extends a fund of approx. twenty thousand dollars per month. She further extends help in their clothing, and other extra expenses. Kevin has asked to increase the aid as the kids are growing up.

Britney has a 30 percent share in their custody, giving her unsupervised rights. The only existing relationship between the couple is co-parenting. The ex-partners have moved on and done well in their lives. Britney also reveals her delivery depression when she experienced her early two pregnancies.

She also expressed her concern for the same, saying that it was really hard back then, as people preferred remaining discreet about it. This latest pregnancy as she gives up on her forced conservatorship.

She also felt that the birth-controlled phase was traumatizing. She expresses her anger towards that phase. She expresses the toxicity she experienced and openly slams everyone who pushed her into that phase- including her father.