Camila Mendes Hot – 10 Lesser Known Facts About Veronica Lodge From Riverdale

Camila Mendes Hot - 10 Lesser Known Facts About Veronica Lodge From Riverdale

Camila Mendes is a very hot actress and has grown now become super popular after she brought everyone’s favorite character, Veronica Lodge from the Archies comics to life in Riverdale. A lot of the loyalty, love, and fanbase that she has garnered have to do with her stunning looks and her sexy body that make all the men fall for her almost immediately. Although one would think she is a very famous and hot actress, the internet seems to have very few facts a few facts about this successful and talented actress. The fans may have searched the internet for hours and ended up with just a few facts about her. These include the facts that she was born in Charlottesville and she attended American Heritage School, in Plantation. We believe that the true fans would like to know more about her and so we have gathered a lot of facts about her for you.

1. She kick-started her acting career with a commercial for IKEA

Camila Mendes wanted to become an actress from a very young age, and acting was in her blood. She was determined to be in front of the camera and eventually graduated from New York University Tisch School of the Arts. Her determination and passion helped her walk the path she wanted, and her very first acting job was for a commercial for IKEA.

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2. She initially did not want the role of Veronica in Riverdale

The actress was not at all eager about playing the role of Veronica for Riverdale. But fate had it she would be the actress to play the character. It seems that her interest in playing this character grew only after she heard that the producers would make her Latina.

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3. Her first job was as an elf

Everyone starts small, and so did Camila Mendes. The actress’ very first job other than in the acting field had her dress up as an elf. She was selling cotton candy to people while dressed up as a cute elf.

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4. Bee-ware

Everyone is scared of at least one insect, and Camila Mendes is no different. She is extremely scared of bees and cannot stand the sight of it. We cannot blame her as one sting from a little bee can be extremely painful.

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5. She earned herself the Teen Choice Awards 2017

The actress’ performance as Veronica Lodge was spot on and extremely close to the comic version fo the character. It is no wonder that 2017 saw this talented actress win the Teen Choice Awards.

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6. The actress has a tattoo

Camila Mendes has a tattoo just under the actress’ breast. This tattoo reads, “to build a home.” The actress once said that she had gotten this tattoo as she was moving around a lot when she was a young kid, and this meant not to rely on any person or place in order to feel comfortable.

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7. Favorite movie-Closer

We all have a favorite movie, one that we can watch over and over again and yet not get bored. Our favorite movie is one that we can relate to and is something that evoked a lot of dormant emotions within us. Camila Mendes is no, and the movie that she loves most is Closer.

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8. Her hair is not black like Veronica

The actress’ natural hair color is brown and not black. In order to nail the role of Veronica and to bring this character to life, the actress had dyed her hair black. This added a lot of personality to the character of Veronica Lodge in the movie, Riverdale.

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9. Her choice of Archie’s lover

The Archie fanbase is divided into two- the Betty Cooper camp and the Veronica Lodge camp. Each fan holds firmly to their belief on who would make Archie happier. Actress, Camila Mendes has said that she firmly believes that Veronica Lodge is the best partner that Archie can get.

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10. Her first celebrity crush was…

We can never really forget our first celebrity crush. That one actor/actress that we wish we knew personally. It seems like celebrities themselves have crushes on other celebrities and very recently actress Camila Mendes had revealed her very first celebrity crush- Rachel Bilson from The O.C.

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