Cardi B Says She Feels Confident After Her Cosmetic Surgery For Feeling Underdeveloped (10 Pics)

Cardi B Says She Feels Confident After Her Cosmetic Surgery For Feeling Underdeveloped (10 Pics)

Cardi B is currently one of the top Billboard artists, and she is enjoying tremendous popularity. She has often been criticized by many people for opting for cosmetic surgery. Recently she talked about her childhood insecurities that she overcame through cosmetic surgery. In a recent interview with Mariah Carey, she revealed her transformation and her gradual rise to fame.


She talked about being bullied, “I was also really skinny when I was younger, and in the Bronx, it’s about being thick and having an a**, so young boys would be like, “Look at your flat a**. You ain’t got no titties.” And it would make me feel so ugly and undeveloped.” When Mariah asked her about her feelings of being vindicated, Cardi freely expressed her thoughts about the criticism.


She said, “I feel so vindicated. Even when I was 18 and became a dancer, I had enough money to afford to buy boobs, so every insecurity that I felt about my breasts was gone. When I was 20, I went to the urban strip club, and in the urban strip clubs, you had to have a big butt. So I felt insecure about that. It took me back to high school. So I got my a** done. And then I felt super confident.”

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Cardi added, “When I was younger, I didn’t really know how to take care of my hair. So now I make my own hair mask and take care of my natural hair, and it makes me feel better, like what people were saying about me isn’t true. My hair was not bad because it was nappy. My hair was bad because I didn’t know how to take care of it.” The singer looked stunning in her recent music videos. She showed off her sexy figure as she posed in some sexy ensembles. She has shown her charms while being confident and out-spoken. She stated, “When I first entered the strip club, I was really shy. I felt really uncomfortable. I felt very ashamed. There were times when I was crying, like, “Oh my gosh, if my mom or my dad found out, they’d be so humiliated.”


She also said, “But I needed the f***ing money. I was living with my boyfriend at the time, but he wasn’t doing s**t. I used to smoke weed back then, so I felt like weed was necessary. I wanted money for weed and to move out. I just wanted enough money to rent a room. That’s how desperate I was to get the f**k out of the situation I was in.”




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