11 Famous Cartoon Characters Which Were Based Off Of Real Life People

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World’s greatest artists are known to draw a lot of inspiration from reality, the real world. Most of the painters try and depict nature, the sculptors portray human beings, and the film-makers create films which are based off true and real stories.

There are so many artworks that we may relate to as they depict real things or rather, people. You may not know, but many cartoons have even drawn inspiration from real people.

Our world is packed with inspiration everywhere for artists of all disciplines. Most of the cartoons that we are familiar with have taken inspiration from actual human beings, and the resemblance is uncanny.

Here are 11 cartoon characters that are based on real people:

Mr. Magoo – W. C. Fields


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Popeye the Sailor – Frank “Rocky” Fiegel

Dennis “The Menace” – Dennis Lloyd Ketcham

Jessica Rabbit – Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake, and Lauren Bacall

Tinker Bell – Margaret Kerry

Yosemite Sam – Deadeye/Red Skelton


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Skippy – Percy Crosby

Little Lulu – Marjorie Henderson Buell

Henry: Carl Anderson

Archie Andrews – Mickey Rooney

Betty Boop – Helen Kane