60+ Hot Pictures Of Catwoman From DC Comics


Last Updated: May 07, 2020

Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman is one of the hottest women in the DC universe.  This character is a very independent, and super mysterious woman and she will not think twice and is surely not afraid to use her claws on those who get on her wrong side.

Catwoman is a very sexy vigilante anti-heroine and she is a crucial element of the Bat-family. The character has now grown to become a mainstay in the DC Comics. In the 70 years, Selina has taken up the role of many things: burglar, mother, mass murderer and even a mentor.This character is Batman’s adversary and as we all know, she happens to be the Dark Knight’s longest-lasting love interest. In the Dark Knight Trilogy, she was portrayed by Anne Hathaway who really brought a whole lot of life into this character.

While talking about Catwoman, we decided to show you a few images of this character with a few facts about Selina. She is a sexycharacter and Catwoman’sbra and breast sizemake her a perfect candidate to sport the Latex suit. This Catwoman photo gallery will show you some of the character’s best images. Get ready as the curated image galleryis packed with few of the sexiest Catwoman pictures on the internet. Here, you will find images of her (Anne Hathaway), Catwoman at the Red Carpet, her beach images and Catwoman’s promotional and magazine photoshoot which will portray Catwoman’sperfect face and bod and also a few of Catwoman’s cutest pictures.


1. In “Keeper of the Castle”, Selina found out that she was the daughter of Rex Calabrese and she hangs up her latex suit and dives head-first and becomes a mob boss.

Catwoman will bite you

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2. If you did not already know, Catwoman is an expert ninja.


Catwoman night

3. On Earth-2, Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne, Batman were married and they also had a daughter.

Catwoman cleavage

4. Kitrina Falcone was Catwoman’s side-kick and she trained under Selina Kyle.


Catwoman sexy booty

5. A.R.G.U.S. is DC’s equivalent to S.H.I.E.L.D. and Catwoman had tried to steal a black diamond from there.

Catwoman sexy

6. Zatana had once wiped Selina’s mind and the magician also altered Catwoman’s mind and made her more heroic.


Catwoman pink outfit

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7. Catwoman had battled against Elektra but she lost.

Catwoman hot


8. Much before she took up the mantle of Catwoman, Kyle had dressed up like an old lady and tried to steal things.

Catwoman queen of cats

9. In “Heart of Hush”, Hush had cut Catwoman’s heart out and kept her alive with a few tech from Mr. Freeze.



10. Everyone including the actress, Halle Berry hates the Catwoman movie.

Catwoman jump

11. Catwoman own two night clubs, Tin Roof Club and Egyptian

Catwoman sexy cleavage


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12. In each of these story arcs, Batman #1, Batman #62, Brave and the Bold #197, Batman: Year One, the character was given a different origin.

Catwoman spreading legs

13. In the DC universe, like the Flash, there has been more than one Catwoman.


Catwoman hot

14. Other than being a thief, Selina Kyle has killed a lot of people.

Catwoman hot

15. The character had even been banned by the Comics Code Authority.


Catwoman likes milk

16. Over the years, Catwoman has grown to become a feminist icon.

Catwoman sexy

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17. She is Batman’s longest-lasting love interest.

Catwoman diamond lover

18. The character has taken up many roles: mother, burglar, mass murderer and a mentor

Catwoman booty


19. She is DC’s finest vigilante anti-heroine.

Catwoman with cats

20. In the Dark Knight Trilogy, she had been portrayed by actress, Anne Hathaway.

Catwoman batman


21. The character is an integral part of the Bat-family

Catwoman hot cleavage

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22. Selina had lived as an orphan and she learnt to survive on her own in Gotham.

Catwoman sexy dress

23. There was one version of Selina where she had worked as a dominatrix until Bruce Wayne’s actions had motivated her to give what she was doing.

Catwoman hotty

24. She once told Batman, “My world is all just shades of grey, Batman. That’s why you’ll never really understand me.”

Catwoman smile

25. Catwoman can easily race through rooftops in the night while she wears high-heels and her tight knee-length dress.

Catwoman in action

26. She is great at martial arts, gymnastics and has really good combat skills.

Catwoman sexy booty

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27. She made heher debut appearance in BATMAN #1 (1940).


28. Recently, Batman had proposed to her and she said yes.

Catwoman night

29. In the live-action version, she has been portrayed by the following actresses, Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, EarthaKitt, Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway.


30. She had once said, “I am Catwoman. Hear me roar.”

Catwoman dc queen

31. The character did not become Catwoman as until the 1966’s Batman series.

Catwoman jump

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32. When DC and Marvel had teamed up, they mashed up Catwoman and Elektra and created an assassin named, Catsai.

Catwoman comics

33. When she made her first appearance in Batman #1, she was called “The Cat”.

Any woman who can light the cold and dark heart of Batman surely has an appeal to her. Her real name is Selina Kyle, and all through her storyline, she has been an enduring part of Batman either as a romantic partner or as an ally. Anne Hathway once remarked that this role was her most physical one, and she was correct. Catwoman is an example of a beautiful body specimen. She is super slim that helps her to get out of anything with the swiftness of a cat. At the same time, her tight, one-piece outfits put attention to all her essential zones.




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