Celebrities Spread Awareness On This Earth Day

Celebrities Spread Awareness On This Earth Day

With minds becoming environment friendly all around the globe, Earth Day celebrated annually on April 22nd, gets loads of attention and is celebrated throughout. If we consider all nations- that is 193, around one billion celebrate this festival on a yearly basis.

From common men to popular personalities, everyone engages in one task or other to celebrate the day. To acknowledge the same, celebrities with a massive following also celebrated the event.

Kendall Jenner, Selena, and Hailey Bieber are among the many stars who celebrated the day, inspiring their followers. The theme for this year was- Invest in our planet. Celebrities chose different forms to acknowledge it.

Kendall Jenner for instance was seen wearing a white t-shirt with the print of the Sun as she posted a video in which she was seen giving a nod to the planet Earth. That’s not it- alongside the Sun- the powerhouse of Energy- there were many slogans as well- which overall promoted the main aim.

The 26-year-old celebrity model posted the video from her home, wearing the white t-shirt and shorts, with her hair left open. She also captioned the video using cute sun and rainbow stickers. This also notified the fact that her new brand line- 818 Tequila is environmentally conscious too.

The next celebrity who also celebrated is the famous couple- Hailey and Justin Bieber. The 25-year-old model shared many snaps showing their gratitude to Mother Earth. The images mainly comprised of natural scenery.

She also added a caption in which they expressed their thankfulness saying thank you, beautiful planet. She also didn’t fail to impress her fans, as she shared snaps of her and her ocean moments.

All the moments the couple has enjoyed in nature have been shared by the mode. Selena never fails to inspire her fans when it comes to a social or environmental cause. She shares a video clip in which she shares her experience after reading a book called Monarca written by Leopoldo Gout.

She goes on further to say that our planet needs a lot of healing after all the damage we have caused to her. She asks everyone to make as many efforts they can, be it very tiny. At last, she ended the video-sharing a- I love you guys.

Another famous personality Lindsay Lohan shared her wishes shortly and cutely. The 35-year-old star shared multiple pictures of the ocean, and captioned it with a Happy Earth Day.