15 Cheerful Dragon Ball Z Memes Will Make Us Crave Our Childhood Days With A Smile


There are a few things that are immediately linked with childhood memories like the cookies your mother used to bake, or a jingle from a commercial and for anyone who used to love anime as a child, Dragon Ball Z is surely one of these things.

There was something very special about the Super Saiyans, the giant Spirit Balls and the androids which had fascinated many of the ‘children. It is now impossible not to feel a sting of nostalgia when one sees a few clips from this show or even come across Goku’s figurines at a comic book store.

So, what we have done for here is also very special. here we have for you 15 Dragon Ball Z memes which will surely make you miss your entire childhood.

15. Your jam at the gym


14 .Three episodes later…

13. I have the power

12. Goku and Stopku


11. Bulma the Vegetarian

10. The paper ball Olympics

9. The making of Dragon Ball Z

8. Your fate is sealed


7. Over your non-Super-Saiyan-3 head

6. Five minutes in Dragon Ball Z time

5. The power of grandmas

4. Too Low To Register


3. Some guy named Kenny?

2. Yamcha? Being useful? Sorry, we don’t understand

1. Time to dig a grave