Chrissy Teigen Shows Off Her Ample Boobs In Her Instagram Photos And Videos (10 Pics)

Chrissy Teigen Shows Off Her Ample Boobs In Her Instagram Photos And Videos

The American model is blessed with a stunning figure, and she knows how to charm her audience. She loves to flex her gorgeous curves, and therefore her Instagram account brims with sensuality.


In one of her recent photos, she was seen posing by the pool in a white dress. Her wet dress became see-through and showed off her ample assets and tits. Her toned body and legs could be seen in the image. Her hair and makeup look matched well with her look. She accessorized her look with massive hoop earrings. Her charming smile added to her beauty.


Chrissy shared a small video clip in which she was seen getting prepared for having her Ooh La Tattoo done. It is a lyric from the song of her husband, John Legend. She also posed topless while showing off her finished tattoo on her back. Her toned back and side-boobs could be seen as she slightly turned her head while posing to give a better view of her stunning curves.

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The model was also seen posing in a revealing white top. She wore a brown sweater on top of it, and she removed it from her shoulder to give a better view of her toned body. Her dress emphasized her ample cleavage as she sat down while posing for the picture. She paired her look with brown thigh-high boots, which appreciated her thick thighs. Her wavy tresses fell on her sides while partially covering her face. Her no-makeup look brightened up her naturally pretty face.


Chrissy looked charming and graceful as she donned a black bra top and a beige bottom. The black top showed off her naturally radiant skin and pretty cleavage as she posed while kissing her dog. She teamed up her look with a beige bottom, which appreciated her taut stomach, gorgeous curves, and toned legs. Her hair was tied in a bun, which made her look pretty.


She was also seen holding a tray of hotdogs as she wore a white dress featuring a feathered top detailing, which flaunted her charming cleavage. Her makeup look, hairstyle, and feather accessories made her look stunning. She used the caption, “mummy dogs!”


She was also seen posing topless. She covered her breasts with her hands as she was taking a selfie. Her toned body and pretty legs were visible. Her hairstyle added to her beauty. In the caption, she wrote, “BTS (I like Jin and V).”


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