Cindy Prado Poses Topless As She Enjoys Her Lemonade At The Poolside (10 Pics)


Cindy Prado grabbed the attention of the fashion enthusiast after appearing in FHM magazine. She has also worked with brands like Telemundo. The model has already garnered more than 1.5M followers on her Instagram account.


Cindy Prado skimpy pink bikini

In one of her recent posts, she was seen posing in a skimpy pink bikini bottom. She went topless while posing on a white towel beside the pool.


Cindy Prado side boobs

Cindy lay on her back while posing, which highlighted her side boobs. The skimpy bottom flexed her pert derriere as she posed for the images. Her messy golden locks cascaded on her back, shoulder to make her look sizzling.

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Cindy Prado taut stomach

She kept some ice cubes on her belly while posing. Her pink bikini with string detailing appreciated her taut stomach.


Cindy Prado lemonade on her face

The model was seen lying on her back as she poured lemonade on her face. The triangle bikini top highlighted her pretty cleavage as she posed with her eyes closed.


Cindy Prado black-and-white photo

She looked marvelous in the black-and-white photo she shared. Cindy held the drink in her hand as she looked straight at the camera. Her skimpy ensemble and messy hair made her look appealing.


Cindy Prado toned body

She posed with her hands on the top of her head. As her body was stretched, it flexed her toned body.


Cindy Prado lying on her stomach

Cindy was seen lying on her stomach with the drinks in front of her.

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She posed seductively with her eyes closed. As soon as the images were uploaded, her comment section was flooded with praise, and it received about 60k hearts within a month.