These Comic Book Covers Feature Superheroes With Regular Body Types.


Comic books have always served as our preferred medium to get away from reality, the superheroes from the comics help us live a grand imaginary life wherein we accomplish unbelievable things. That’s why the superheroes generally have physical bodies resembling Greek Gods, without a hint of fat, as if they are all the perfect bodies.   Most of the early readers in the 1940s and 1950s (the period that got the superhero genre going), were young boys. At that time, the creators believed that since the superheroes were the idols and role models for those young kids, in most ways, therefore, their perfect bodies would inspire them to pay attention to health and fitness. That’s when the superheroes started resembling the supermodel bodies and handsome looks.

With the passage of time, the world underwent a change and censor board came into existence. While there was a bit of leniency regarding the content, the comic book artists were instructed not to make vulgar or obscene characters so that the young boys buy the comic books not only for the stories but, for handsome men and pretty women.

In today’s comics, it is almost impossible to image the heroes without six-pack abs, perfect ten looks, bulging biceps, and chests resembling the Vikings. If it is a female hero, then she has to have an hour-glass figure, supermodel face, skin-hugging costumes and great assets.

In the recent years, the Superhero films have been ruling the global box-office, and there are on an average 6-8 such movies annually. Even the TV channels have come to be dominated by the Superhero based shows with impressive ratings. Almost 90% of them are child-friendly, which makes these shows their favorites. However, the downside is that by constantly surrounding the children with perfectly shaped superheroes might lead to a mental health issue. Recovery.orgis an organization which assists those suffering from mental health and drug problems.’s chief spokesperson said:

 “With new releases every summer, we can see how these films positively affect their younger audiences. But, it’s hard to have such positive takeaways when the bodies represented on film don’t mirror what a typical body looks like, this especially rings true for a younger audience considering research has found that some children are struggling with body image by the time they reach kindergarten. We conducted this project to see how our favorite heroes might change if their bodies were a bit more realistic, and hopefully more relatable.”

To create awareness about this problem, they have created ten comic book covers which feature our favorite heroes with more normal body types which are more identical to the typical American citizens. You can check the covers below, and share your opinion about superheroes and their impeccable physical appearances.




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