Courtney Stodden Shows Off Her Boobs As She Models A Purple Bikini While Enjoying Her Pool Day (12 Pics)

Courtney Stodden Shows Off Her Boobs As She Models A Purple Bikini While Enjoying Her Pool Day

The American model Courtney Stodden is well known for her stunning physique, and she does not shy away from showing it off. She is blessed with an incredible aura that has helped her garner the attention of the netizens. She has already garnered more than 312k followers on Her Instagram.

She was recently seen enjoying a pool day as she donned a skimpy purple bikini which appreciated her stunning physique. This came before she was proposed by her entrepreneur boyfriend, Chris Sheng. They have been dating each other on and off for almost five years now.


Courtney Stodden charming cleavage

The bikini Courtney wore featured a skimpy triangle top and a matching bottom with string detailing. The tiny top appreciated her ample assets and charming cleavage. The matching bottom she wore flexed her wonderful curves and lovely thighs. The ensemble hugged her body to appreciate her nicely sculpted figure and radiant skin.


Courtney Stodden slender legs

She teamed up her bikini with a pair of brown heels with gladiator detailing. The string designs of her shoes emphasized her toned, slender legs. The transparent heels of her shoes added a few extra inches to her stature.

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Courtney Stodden toned stomach

Courtney accessorized her look with a jeweled belly piercing which showed off her toned stomach. She chose a minimalistic look which made her gorgeous. Her curly blond locks cascaded on her back and shoulder to add to her sensuality. She wore a no-makeup look which appreciated her beautiful facial features.


Courtney Stodden sexy

She was also seen wearing a wide-brim straw hat to save herself from the heat of the sun. She put on her Bluetooth while she was in the pool.


Courtney Stodden look dashing

Courtney was seemingly having a great day as she was smiling while taking a dip in the pool. Her charming dimpled smile made her look dashing. Her messy damp hair stuck to her back and caressed her face to make her alluring.


Courtney Stodden lovely legs

Soon after she arrived at the location, she got rid of her shoes and sat on a sunbed to get bronzed. Her lovely legs were visible as she sat by the pool.


Courtney Stodden cleavage

She sat with her handbag resting near her sunbed while applying some skincare products.

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Courtney Stodden peachy posterior

She was also seen strolling around while enjoying the hot summer weather. Her toned back was highlighted by her tiny top while the skimpy bottom flexed her peachy posterior and lovely legs.


Courtney Stodden hot

She was also seen sipping her drink while resting on a floaty.


Courtney Stodden couple kissed

She was joined by her boyfriend Sheng, who was looking at her with love. The couple kissed each other passionately before getting into the pool to cool off.