One Of The Most Dangerous Villains Of DC Universe Is Actually Saving The World


Brainiac is Superman’s most super-intelligent enemy. He has found himself however in the most unlikely role of a hero. Further to this, he’s gone a step further and taken the initiative of forming his own Justice League.

In the DC Comics Universe, it’s not uncommon for heroes and villains to unite but this is a rare moment for Brainiac, whose arrival anywhere usually causes enemies to put aside their differences and oppose him. This time, however, it is Brainiac who after briefly fighting the greatest heroes of Earth, abducts them.

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Brainiac abducts members of Justice League, Teen Titans and Suicide Squad all for a noble cause.

Earth’s heroes are sceptical at first when Brainiac claims to have their best interests in mind, until he agrees to be tied up in Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth and tells his tale. Brainiac explains that he did not see any circumstance where Superman would trust his claim of coming to Earth in peace, thanks to their past history. Also, everyone else would have followed Superman’s lead by attacking him.

This made it necessary for Brainiac to take matters into his own hands by abducting the heroes he needed to prevent an impending threat.