24 Deadpool 2 Memes That Only Real Deadpool Fans Will Understand


Deadpool 2 is finally here and if you have seen the first film before reading this article then you will know just how much hype there is watching the latest film. This hype is shared by those who haven’t watched the film so in order to keep them occupied; this list should offer a taste of Deadpool’s comedic chops. Deadpool 2’s promotion has much of the same humour as in the first Deadpool film.

These people know that Deadpool’s strongest feature is the ability to break the fourth wall. This ability is employed in the real world too as part of a marketing strategy as there are hundreds of film posters that show the character parodying many other films’ posters. In fact, a good number of the following images aren’t even memes, instead they are the very same parodied posters just mentioned.

When you’ve got someone like Deadpool, who is a walking breathing meme himself, then why bother making memes, right? Still, here are some really witty memes made by fans that should be easy to understand for similar true fans.

24. No Apologies

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23. Had Enough Of This

22. Literal Cable

21. Subtle Wordplay

20. What Did You Say?

19. Deadpool’s Heart Will Go On

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18. Enough Deadpool To Go Around

17. Simple Solution

16. Your Argument Is Irrelevant

15. Batman V Deadpool

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14. The Coolness Gene

13. Making Winnie Cool

12. The Merc On Fire

11. A Missed Chance

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10. As Good As It Gets

9. Just So You Know

8. So Perfect

7. Guy Love

6. Close Enough

5. Way Too Enthusiastic

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4. Don’t Poke The Merc

3. Deadpool Strikes Back

2. Buddy Cop Or Buddy Mercenaries?

1. The Trilogy We Want