The Time When Deadpool Defeated Hulk With A Simple Technique, Here’s How He Did It.


We all enjoy seeing Bruce Banner enter a rage and then, transform into Marvel’s Mighty Hulk.  It is surely a delight to see Banner Hulk it out and smash everything in sight. When the malevolent side of Hulk take over him, damage and destruction are bound to happen. But there have been heroes who have fought the Green Goliath in spite of this. Today, we look at how Deadpool approached the Hulk.

Deadpool has a healing factor which at one point was slowly shutting down for some reason but he then blew up a nuclear facility which had bombarded him with some gamma radiation, and this was keeping him alive.

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Deadpool soon figures out that there is only one way that he can restore the healing factor- acquire the Hulk’s blood.

Why? Well, we don’t really know why this was the solution.

Deadpool engages with the Green Goliath in battle. Hulk then leaps into air, courtesy, the super jumping ability and this gives Deadpool time to do what he needs. While he was waiting for Hulk to fall back to Earth, Deadpool quickly mapped out the trajectory, and he then shoved a broken sign post in the ground, and this was where he had expected Hulk to land.

Hulk notices the pole and laughs it off, but he impales himself on it. Deadpool then gets the Hulk’s blood and is eventually cured.

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