Deadpool Once Married A Powerful Succubus Demon Who Was Supposed To Be Dracula’s Wife, Here’s How It Happened


The succubus called, Shiklah had once ruled the world of monsters, and when human beings stepped into the scene, these monsters had been forced to go into hiding, and then Shiklah’s father locked her in a sarcophagus to protect her. In the present, the Dracula hired Deadpool for getting Shiklah back just so that he could marry her and unite the monsters under his rule. After he had freed her from the coffin, Deadpool makes a decision to marry Shiklah, and they get hitched in New York City.

Deadpool marrying the demon does not sound very far-fetched as he has not had luck with… well, humans. He failed to score with Big Bertha, Black Widow, Rogue, and yeah, Thor.

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Wade had just tried his luck with Shiklah, and he managed to marry her. Since she is a succubus, Shiklah had even tried to kill Deadpool many times.

On the big day, she had revealed that it was customary in her culture to “sacrifice a virgin right now” to which he had replied, “Yeah, well Spider-Man’s not here.”

Due to Deadpool’s popularity and all his commitments to his daughter and Avengers, Shiklah begins to sleep with almost everyone from the guards to the Werewolf by Night. This cheeses Deadpool off, but he also understands why she is doing this. They came to blows over the death of citizens of Shiklah’s underworld Monster Metropolis, and this prompted her to launch an invasion.