Digimon Adventure Cliffhanger Hints An Upcoming Fight With Devimon


Digimon Adventure’s first major arc’s climax is almost around the corner, and the fans are getting excited about the current condensation of the plot. The cliffhanger from the newest episode hints towards a blood-boiling fight with the devil.

Tai, Yamato, and Takeru have reached Devimon’s castle. Tai, Yamato, and Takeru are forced to continue their task of saving the Digimon as others are sent back to the human world. To save Digimon, the trio ventured into Devimon’s castle.


After the death and rebirth of Angemon as a Digitama (Digi Egg), the plot has taken an interesting turn. The cliffhanger of episode 22 hinted that DarkKnightmon had escaped with Angemon’s Digitama, and there were chances that the battle could have damaged both of them. However, the Digitama opened and evolved after the clash with DarkKnightmon. The trio who struggled to ensure their survival received the flicker of hope as the Digitama cracked open.

The Digitama had the holy power as Takeru, and the others were saved with the sacrifice of Angemon in a previous episode. As DigiTama hatched to reveal a cuddly baby Digimon inside, a wave of light was generated while completely destroying Devimon’s castle.

Following this, Devimon appears as a dark mass of energy. Devimon laughs at the upcoming meeting with the Holy Digimon and refers to him as a “dear…old friend.” In the Cliffhanger of the newest episode, he claimed that he is the one who can offer a “salvation” to the Holy Digimon.

Devimon was the central villain of the series, and hence the cliffhanger has led the fans to anticipate the long-awaited meeting.