Donned In A Red-Hot Bikini, Nikki Bella Celebrates Easter In California

Donned In A Red-Hot Bikini, Nikki Bella Celebrates Easter In California

Easter and its family celebrations by celebrities never fail to leave us mesmerized. The same goes for Nikki Bella who celebrated Easter with her family in California at Indian Wells. She chose a red bikini for the occasion and nailed the look. The picnic event involved her one-year-old son, Matteo, with her fiancée- Artem Chigvintsev.

They booked their luxurious suite at Renaissance Esmeralda Resort & Spa at Indian Wells. The 38-year-old celeb was seen walking barefoot while enjoying the sight. In a red bright bikini and jet-black trimmed hair left open, she was looking dazzling.

Her smile was also revealing that she was feeling dazzled.  Before diving into the pool, she was spotted standing at the edge and testing the water. After that, she dived into the pool. She tied her hair into a neat ponytail as she emerged out of the pool after taking a dip.

After the dive, she was seen drying her body with a white-lined towel. She was seen rubbing her back, as she walked on the deck. She was also seen having a good time with her to-be-husband Artem, as the couple lay down in the sun.

The couple was seen having intimate moments, as Nikki wrapped her arms around Artem while enjoying the sight of the pool. All the while they were being equally attentive towards their little one-year-old child.

She also teasingly places her hand at Artem’s bottom as they look over at their child. Artem being an attentive father looked after their son, as he walked toward the pool deck and played in the sand.

The couple has plans of getting married but has planned nothing for the same. There are rumors that they intend to take vows in October this year. Nikki says that they have decided on the venue and also that she wants an “extra” wedding. Artem calls that wedding preparation is a little harder with her fiancée Nikki who seems to have opinions.

He also said both of them want things in a way and have different ideas, which they won’t give up for anyone. Though the couple is struggling to find a way that caters to the need of both of them.

Their love story started back in January 2019. They met through the show ABC’s Dancing With the Stars and continued to be together. They planned their engagement back in January 2020, which unfortunately got delayed due to the pandemic.