30 Crazy Dragon Ball Comics To Make Fans Go ROFL


It is an unforgettable memory to recall the first time you watched Dragon Ball Z. Especially how can any fan ever forget the episode where Vegeta was spotted smoingDodoria. In fact, the commercials were always unfair to the show. Although, it appeared to be, but, after seeing this episode, we knew we wanted more of it. A few more episodes ran before it rebooted itself on Toonami when they had no “fresh” episodes to show. That was a common thing with most animes, but, the most terrible example was Dragon Ball Z. Still, it was okay back then because we could catch up with the unseen episodes of the show, and then it went on to repeat many more times before the new episodes aired. Disgusting!

In those days, anime was not as abundant as today and not easy to watch on TV. While the cable is still not much better, it is available all around on the internet on a number of platforms like Crunchyroll and Netflix. That’s how we managed to get hold of Dragon Ball Z after having given up as a child. It used to be awful to watch the same episodes over and over again, hoping that someday a new set of episodes will arrive. It took a long time coming, but, we finally managed to watch it courtesy internet. While internet gives the option to watch the series, it also provides us with ample memes to make fun of its weak points. Have a look!

30. Friends For Life


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29. Plus One

28. Dragon Quest Origins

27. More Like Lamecha

26. Welcome To My Life

25. Father Of The Year

24. What Up With That

23. Time Paradox

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22. There’s A Worm In My Boot

21. Vegetables Versus Underwear

20. All That

19. Super Saiyan Overload

18. Special Beam Cannon

17. Krillin’s Kicks

16. More Of The Same

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15. Dino Crisis

14. Background Noise

13. Bulma’s Secret

12. Shrink Yo Self

11. The Strongest Saiyan

10. Cold Hearted

9. The Magnet

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8. Only In Fan Fiction

7. Born Again

6. Destructo Disc Is OP

5. Good Times

4. Ouch, My Dragon Ballz!

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3. Over Used Thousand

2. Infinity Ball Z

1. Too Much Goku