25 Hilarious Dragon Ball Logic Memes That Highlight The Lack Of Logic In The Series


Dragon Ball is an iconic series which everyone is familiar with. No matter if you are a completely obsessed fan or someone who watched it a few times, or maybe use it as a tool to spot avoidable nerds, it is beyond doubt that it is a part of the pop culture. The series enjoys immense popularity in Japan, America, and China, to such an extent that every boy who was born between 1985-2000 is familiar with Goku’s name.

A little bit of research revealed that Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, had never planned to take it beyond the third chapter of the manga, but, it has now reached chapter 519. That implies, there is a scope for deviations and lack of logic throughout the whole series. That’s true. Dragon Ball Z was completely unplanned. The reason why it had a Z at the end was because Toriyama wanted it to be the absolute end. Well..

The truth is, nobody really watches Dragon Ball for the continuous errors or the real like situations. Fans watch it because they are interested in seeing  Goku slam people and make wishes using the seven dragon balls. Therefore, if there is anyone who pays attention to logic or sense, should go away and watch a botany book or something.

25. ChiChi Has The Quality Genetics

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24. Bardock, Papa Of Goku

23. Dragon Ball Ridiculous

22. Goku Restrains His Brains

21. Bulma, Such A Silly Goose

20. Give The Guy A Break

19. This Is True In Politics As Well

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18. Revive Krillin So He Can Die Once More

17. Papa Piccolo

16. The Nose Knows

15. The Strongest Man Of All

14. I Was Wondering This Myself

13. Cardiovascular Strength

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12. Rock, Paper, Scissors… Kamehameha

11. Majinn Buu The Boneless

10. Six Memes For Your Candy

9. The Strongest Hairstyle

8. Magic Dragon Balls

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7. But They Can Block Everything Else

6. Blame Akira Toriyama

5. Time Is A Human Construct

4. A Namekian Dialect Of English

3. God Of Destruction In The Room

2. Kakarot The Foolish

1. Lead By Example, Goku