Drew Taggart Enjoys Beach Day In Miami While Chantel Jeffries Was Away (11 Pics)


The Chainsmokers singer-producer has been dating Chanel Jeffries for quite a few months now.


Chantel Jeffries sexy

Recently, Drew Taggart was seen in Miami enjoying a beach day while his DJ girlfriend was in California at that time. He was spotted lounging in a VIP section of a beach-front hotel as he showed off his ripped physique while enjoying the sunny getaway.


Chantel Jeffries hot

Drew was seen sporting beige shorts while being shirtless. He flexed his well-built ripped body as he basked in the sun.

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Chantel Jeffries sexy pic

He was seen relaxing on the sunbeds in the private VIP section of the hotel to get bronzed. Drew enjoyed his drink as he met his pals. He was seen with a gorgeous lady as he relaxed on the beach.


Chantel Jeffries hot pic

Drew was seen with her girl pals, who were also chilling on the beach. One of them was wearing a revealing bikini as she got bronzed in the sun. Her sexy figure and pretty hairstyle made her look stunning.


Chantel Jeffries butt

She was seen getting slipped into a skin-tight green dress that flexed her enviable frame.


Chantel Jeffries hot look

Another lady in black joined Drew and his pals. She was seen chatting with the singer as she relaxed in the private VIP section. Soon after that, Drew was seen talking to another beautiful lady as he lounged on the sunbed. The lady wore blue denim shorts and a black bikini as she flaunted her charming physique. Drew was also having his male pals by his side who joined him for the beach day.


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