Elizabeth Gillies Poses Topless As She Asks Her Fans To Vote (11 Pics)


As it is the election season, many celebrities are using their social media accounts to ask their followers to vote. Previously celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez posted to encourage their fans to vote. Recently, Elizabeth Gillies was seen posing topless as she created the iconic Pamela Anderson look.


Elizabeth Gillies her back

The actress posed with her back towards the camera as she hid her side boobs with her hands. She looked gorgeous as her blond locks cascaded down her back. Just like Anderson had a white V mark on her back with the words VIVA GLAM, the actress put a bit of white paint on her back and wrote the Word V. She wore a golden sticker on her back, which spelled VOTE.


Elizabeth Gillies blue jeans

Anderson wore a waist chain to highlight her small waist. The actress put on a slim chain of a different design, which she wrapped around her waist. To match her look with Anderson, Elizabeth put on a pair of blue jeans. The actress used a glam makeup look featuring an ample amount of pink blusher and eyeshadow. She looked enthralling as she urged her fans to take part in the electoral procedure as responsible voters.

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Elizabeth Gillies maroon dress

A few days before, she put on a maroon dress while posing on her bed. The top part of the dress was revealing enough to flex her charming bosom. She used a glam makeup look for the shoot. She closed her eyes and touched her forehead while posing for the image. She captioned the picture, “I love a good, fall dress. Can’t think of anything better to wear on my thousandth Friday night in (emoji).”





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