Embracing Her New Life And Body- Julia Bradbury Was Seen In Bikini After Her Mastectomy

Embracing Her New Life And Body- Julia Bradbury Was Seen In Bikini After Her Mastectomy

It was revealed that the gorgeous star has been recognized with breast cancer. Eventually, the news led to mastectomy, not once, but twice. In September 2021, she revealed the news, without any delay, and within the next month, she got a mastectomy done twice.

The 51-year-old star Julia Bradbury was seen wearing a bikini last Friday, for the first time, after her major surgeries. The star reveals her happiness as she shares her experience about breast reduction.

The star posts on her Instagram handle, sharing with her followers her happiness. She was seen in a blue printed two-piece bikini and a pink colored bikini cover-up. She says that she is grateful that the stars were in her favor, during her mastectomy.

A huge portion of her breast was removed containing a 6cm tumor. She shared that she was unaware of the life which was waiting for her after her mastectomy. She respects every individual’s story.

As she donned a blue bikini she shares that it was unbelievable, she never thought it’ll happen again. She says that wraps have also boosted her confidence and thanks to her stylists. She shares the details of her health, sharing that the risk of her cancer overcoming her health is higher.

Also explained at the same time, she has begun to appreciate her new lifestyle and body. It’s been six months since her surgery happened, but still, the doctors hadn’t given her a clean chit. She shares that her breast tissue has some micro-cancerous cells left, which entered through her milk duct.

Other tests have shown a higher possibility of her cancer returning. The star is still managing to find a silver lining, she says that though her breast has been removed, she has been able to keep her nipples.

She is dealing with the hardships and managing at her best, to cope with this new lifestyle. She now feels grateful for every single day she has the chance to live. She also reveals that it wasn’t at all easy to be able to look at her new body, post-surgery. It took her weeks to accept and embrace it.

She also said it was because of her mother’s support that she was able to accept herself. It was tough, as she wasn’t mentally prepared that her body is bruised. But for her people, who stuck to her throughout she took a mirror selfie, to appreciate her surgeons, caretaker, and family.

After two months her mother appreciated her saying that her figure looks very pretty. The presenter had decided to move on as she has to be in her documentary: Julia Bradbury and Cancer. The documentary will be released soon.

Last year when she discovered her cancer, she shared a video of crying and telling her followers the news. While delivering the news, she covers her face as she tries to cope with the camera.Captioning it she informs her followers that she needs to go through a mastectomy surgery, which has come out to be an utter shock for her.