Emily Ratajkowski Models An Inamorata Bikini While Showing Off Her Sexy Body After Being A Mother (10 Pics)

Emily Ratajkowski Models An Inamorata Bikini While Showing Off Her Sexy Body After Being A Mother

Emily knows how to select an ensemble that can perfectly highlight her sexy body. She loves to model bikinis from her Inamorata line, and she is the best model her label could have ever got. She became a mother only a few months ago and got back to her place in front of the camera soon after that. She showed off her stunning mommy figure in one of her recent pictures as she posed in a sexy ensemble. She posted a couple of beach pictures on her Instagram account with more than 27M followers.

The ensemble she wore featured a top with orange and yellow frills and jeweled cups with thin string detailing. The orange bottom part had a belt with a gold design.


Emily Ratajkowski lovely cleavage

As she posed for a close-up snap, the top part flaunted her ample assets and lovely cleavage while the bottom flexed her taut stomach.


Emily Ratajkowski sexy

As she walked around in the tube skirt, her pretty legs could be seen. She picked a pair of gold hoop earrings to accessorize her look.

Her messy brown hair rested on one side of her shoulder, which added to her beauty. She wore a light makeup look which appreciated her naturally beautiful facial features as she stared at the camera while touching her hair. She was seen looking down on the waves while walking by the shore. Her tempting figure and messy hair made her look hot.

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Emily Ratajkowski gorgeous cleavage

Emily shared another close-up picture in which she was seen posing in a revealing black dress. The low-cut top part showed off her ample assets and gorgeous cleavage as she posed for the photo. She wore a necklace with her baby’s name, Sylvester, written on it. Her brunette hair fell on her back and shoulder as she posed for the picture. Her light makeup look and soft smile made her look graceful. She used the caption, “Mom’s night out.”


Emily Ratajkowski sexy body

She was also seen posing in the orange Inamorata ensemble while flexing her sexy body. She placed her hand on her waist while highlighting her pretty waist. Her hairstyle and makeup look added to her beauty.


Emily Ratajkowski looked prominent

She also posted an image that was taken in low light, and her silhouette looked prominent.



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