Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Her Boobs And Booty As She Models A Racy Dress (11 Pics)

Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Her Boobs And Booty As She Models A Racy Dress

The model Emily Ratajkowski is well aware of her beauty and charms. As she has her own swimwear label, she has an idea about how to choose a dress to flaunt her magnificent physique. She does not shy away from showing off her amazing curves and sexy body. She often models racy outfits and bikinis and shares those images on her Instagram account, which has more than 27M followers. As a result, her Instagram account is filled with sultry photos.

Emily became a mother only a few months ago as she gave birth to her baby boy, Sylvester. The model is very confident in her body, and hence during pregnancy, she shared several snaps to show off her body transformation. She took a short break after giving birth to her baby, and soon after that, she returned in front of the camera. She also modeled ensembles from her brand, Inamorata. The model’s post-pregnancy body looked toned and sexy as she wore skimpy costumes. She has also shared some snaps while breastfeeding her child. She is celebrating her motherhood, and her fans cannot stop appreciating her beauty.


Emily Ratajkowski sexy

Emily was recently spotted at a party while wearing a racy white dress which made her look alluring. The dress had a halter neck detailing with side cuts. The side-cut designs of her dress appreciated her ample side-boobs. The dress hugged her body to flaunt her toned stomach and lovely curves. The short dress complimented her toned, beautiful legs. She teamed up her dress with a trendy handbag and stylish heel shoes with strappy designs that had the straps wrapped around her ankle. She decided to keep her look simple, and hence she wore no high-end accessories. This gave a minimalistic aura to her look.


Emily Ratajkowski charming curves

The model styled her mid-parted dark locks to fall straight on her back. She chose a light makeup look which featured a pink lip color, blush and highlighter, and pretty eye makeup. Her hairstyle and light makeup look matched well to make her look mind-blowing. The model looked charismatic as she captured herself on camera. Emily was seen happily twerking while flaunting her posterior and charming curves. She was also seen smiling while enjoying the party.

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Emily shared a couple of snaps from the party on her Instagram account.


Emily Ratajkowski lovely curves

In one of them, she was seen standing to let the camera capture a full frontal view. The dress highlighted her beauty as she flexed her nicely sculpted figure and lovely curves. She held a glass of her drink while staring straight at the camera. Her long hair fell on her back to make her look hot, and her seductive glare at the camera made her tempting.


Emily Ratajkowski sexy look

She also posed while giving a view of her charming side-profile. Her ample side-boobs and toned back could be seen in the snap.


Emily Ratajkowski sexy butt

The lower part of the dress highlighted her pert derriere and attractive leg as she posed for the photo.


Emily Ratajkowski charming side-profile

Her hairstyle and makeup look added to her beauty as she turned her head to look at the camera. Emily captioned the image with the emoji of two glasses toasting together. The post has already passed the counter of 1.5M likes on Instagram.


Emily Ratajkowski 6

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