Emma Kotos Wears A Crop Top To Give A View Of Her Boobs While Working Out (11 Pics)

Emma Kotos Wears A Crop Top To Give A View Of Her Boobs While Working Out

The social media star Emma Kotos does not shy away from flaunting her amazing curves and toned body. She loves to post racy snaps on her Instagram, and as a result, her social media account brims with sensuality. She has more than 500k followers on her Instagram who cannot stop parsing her beauty and sensuality. She recently shared a series of pictures in which she was seen modeling a white crop top and a bottom.

The top part was slightly pulled up to show off her ample under-boobs and toned stomach, while the bottom appreciated her gorgeous curves. Her toned, slender legs were on display as she posed for the images. She wore a white baseball cap to accessorize her look. Her blond locks were styled straight to fall on her back and shoulder. She chose a chic makeup look for the photoshoot, which featured a pink lip gloss and beautiful eye makeup to add to her beauty.


Emma Kotos toned stomach

In one of the snaps, Emma was seen posing with kettlebells while staring at the camera. She flexed her waist to give a view of her curves and toned stomach.


Emma Kotos sexy

As she posed to provide a full frontal view, her long, toned legs could be seen.

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Emma Kotos lovely under-boobs

She also shared a close-up view of her taut stomach and lovely under-boobs.


Emma Kotos nicely sculpted figure

She let the camera capture her pretty side profile as she lifted her legs. Her derriere, hips, and thighs were visible in the photo.


Emma Kotos hot

She stood while slightly arching her back while posing for the picture.


Emma Kotos sexy pic

Her posture flaunted her curves and nicely sculpted figure.


Emma Kotos toned legs

She posted a close-up shot on her thick thighs and toned legs. Emma used the caption, “Would you workout with me? (emoji) Comment below your favorite photo from this set (emoji).”

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