Epic Memes That Prove That The Justice League Is Way Better Than The Avengers


From  Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel to Batman vs. Superman, to Wonder Woman, to finally the Justice League, DC has finally assembled itself into cinemas. While the production the first team movie wasn’t perfect, these heroes can handle a blimp. It wouldn’t be the first time their characters were tainted by an ill-fated multimedia venture, and it won’t be the last.

The idea behind bringing the Justice League to the film is to introduce a little competition to the superhero movie market. Once both teams are up against each other, competing for box office records, the movies will only get better.

In the spirit of free enterprise, here are 20 Hilarious Memes That Show The Justice League Is Better Than The Avengers.


Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice gave viewers a fight befitting their legacy. It was an epic well-balanced contest of champions finally showing Batman and Superman squaring off against each other.

Captain America: Civil War, on the other hand, succeeded in throwing many heroes together on screen but the action wasn’t as good as in Batman vs. Superman.


Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa and directed by James Wan, is releasing this December. The character was not too well received in Justice League, but the studio is hoping to change all that with Aquaman’s stand-alone story. Aquaman is the king of Atlantis and the entire ocean, which happens to make up 70% of the planet. While he usually spends more time safeguarding his kingdom and rule with the utmost legitimacy, Aquaman is a superstar in waiting. It would be a great way to add new depths to the franchise.


This meme shows how Marvel and DC tell superhero stories with different tones.

MCU has produced light, adventurous, movies, arguably aimed at younger audiences while Warner Bros. have, a darker, overall, color palette aimed at a more mature audience.

Thankfully in Justice League, fans have seen a fresher more appealing take.


Superhero movies can be funny, but recently, fans are searching for something deeper. Superhero stories work best when people can see a bit of themselves in the heroes, allowing them to inhabit the characters and accompany them on their journey.

The journey itself hasn’t always been easy or flawless, for either the Justice League or the Avengers, but they always capture audience attention with their quests to conquer evil.


While Superman may be the most powerful member of the Justice League, Batman is the brains and leader. Batman always finds a way to defeat his enemies and never in the way would you expect. He doesn’t speak much, but his devotion to the work earns everyone’s trust.

Batman is the most enigmatic superhero, yet. Something about Bruce Wayne’s origin story, and the transformation into Batman allows him to adapt to multiple situations. In a nutshell- Batman trumps all. That’s why the Justice League beats the Avengers every time.


The funny thing about this meme is that they get it right, about the family dynamics of the movie. Wonder Woman and Batman were the team leaders/parents, Cyborg and Flash are the new kids, Aquaman is the wild card/uncle. Despite the hiccups of the first team-up movie, the chemistry works pretty well in Justice League. Justice League was a film about creating a group and creating that sense of family. Let’s hope we keep seeing that bond build up in future movies.

The Avengers, on the other hand, have a lot of individual stand out performances like Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. They are a big three that have really developed as strong characters on screen. They are complex, emotional, and human The team dynamic is another matter.


It took all six Avengers to defeat the alien invasion in Avengers, but Superman single-handedly stopped the Zod invasion in Man of Steel.

However, Superman is also right that the Justice League handled Steppenwolf better than the Avengers handled Loki. The teamwork done in the Justice League allowed them to easily destroy the Motherboxes once they get the help from Superman. The Avengers, spend way too much time smashing and too little time strategizing.


Quicksilver cant hold a candle to The Flash. Flash brought a bit more comic timing to the Justice League team.

Assuming their super-speed powers cancel each other out, The Flash also has a background in criminal forensics and strong commitment to justice that Quicksilver lacks. It may be unfair, with Quicksilver’s character on a break and The Flash’s just beginning, but this still advantages: Justice League.


Batman’s many talents include advanced scientific knowledge,  master of disguise, technology, and martial arts. Apart from this,  Batman’s greatest strength lies in his ability to adapt to any situation and do whatever’s necessary to achieve a humane, just, victory. Something about his tragic background, and his wealth and position in society make him the quintessential timeless hero.

To say that Captain America and Iron Man are each half as powerful as Batman, does check a lot of boxes.


If  Marvel Studios and Warner Bros do a crossover movie, it would be interesting to see who would win- Batman against the Avengers.

Picture this story- Batman with the assistance of The Flash crosses into the MCU Earth and is immediately hunted by the Avengers for most of the movie. He eventually sorts everything out of meeting with Tony Stark. Just when everything’s almost figured out, the main villain’s plot comes to a climax, and Batman needs to help the Avengers save New York City before he returns back to the Batcave.

That would make a great movie.


Cyborg, Flash, and Aquaman all started young in the Superman T.V. series, Smallville, so maybe that’s why their characters feel more rounded.

Regarding popularity and cultural relevance, Justice League wins over Marvel thanks to Smallville.


This meme confesses one’s feelings honestly and bearing with all the consequences. The main point is there’s a lot to look forward too from each production company regarding rumors and plans, but through it all, more movies will come out. That’s reason enough to pledge allegiance to the Justice League.


Everywhere The Avengers go, they tend to take down a good amount of henchmen with them. Hulk moves through the world like one big wrecking ball, so there’s no hope for anyone who gets in his way. Captain America probably tries to avoid it. Iron Man and Thor may have the combination of morals and powers to keep their killings to a minimum

The Justice League’s darkness might make them broody and serious at times, but that serious tone does not interfere with their no killing policy.


This meme shows a comparison between Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight being a shining example of great filmmaking, while showing the Avengers as a good entertaining movie best enjoyed with a bucket of popcorn. This one comments more on the thematic differences that have emerged, not just in that trilogy, but the DCEU as a whole.

DC takes a more serious turn toward the stories, and themes, and has a calculated strategy and approach to making superhero movies, different to  Marvel’s method. In Suicide Squad, while it focused on being light-hearted, mostly for the sake of under 15 viewers, the Marvel saga encloses that audience into their key demographic.


This meme completely compares the Justice League and Avengers team. Thor and Superman are somewhat similar, but their backgrounds are vastly different.

The Green Lantern wins on this comparison as well.


Amanda Waller is the perfect anti-villain. Her government role with A.R.G.U.S. puts her at the crossroads of justice and morality. It allows her to team up alongside the Justice League and she manages the Suicide Squad to take care of any loose ends.

The MCU’s villains have been flatter with louder dramatic background music without true malice other than Killmonger and  Thanos. One of the amazing parts of Black Panther was its sympathetic villain, making Killmonger the strongest evil character. Regarding the other villains in the DCEU like Steppenwolf, for example, Waller could teach them a thing or two also.


Batman, being a mortal, shouldn’t be able to wield Mjolnir, so everyone on the battlefield is shocked when he does.  Shuri, Mr. Fantastic, Bruce Banner, and the Silver Surfer determine that because Batman’s roots is in the alternate, DC universe, Mjolnir’s magic won’t work on his molecules.

When the dust settles, the scene zooms out to show Doctor Doom studying Batman’s every move


This meme highlights two leading Marvel men, Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr. and Dr. Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. And the other highlights DC’s Arrow and Aquaman both brooding characters. Iron Man provided the comic relief for most of the Marvel movies while Dr. Strange wasn’t that successful.


While the MCU may be having a great run now, there’s a broad generation of fans who grew up watching Justice League cartoons.

The animated series focused on specific plots, taking the time to explore narrow stories. A team movie, especially one that tries to do an origin story, tries too hard and is like trying to fit a whole school year of Harry Potter into one movie.

Now that there’s some foundation in the genre, hopefully, future movies in the Justice League will stand equal in the box office.


Thanos is poised to be the greatest villain in the MCU. He is that, but originally, the character was written with more emotional depth.

Jim Starlin created Thanos in 1973, as a tyrannical cosmic god, but a really clever one. Thanos was a master strategist who could always outsmart his enemies, knowing their habits, and trick them into a false sense of security. His obsession with Death drove him to collect the Infinity Stones and become the master of his destiny. Eventually, Thanos himself was tricked when his own pride made a fool of him and made him vulnerable to attack. Since he ’s based on Darkseid, its another win for Justice League.