Ester Expósito Poses In Skimpy Swimwear As She Shows Off Her Jaw-Dropping Figure (10 Pics)

Ester Expósito Poses In Skimpy Swimwear As She Shows Off Her Jaw-dropping Figure

The Spanish model-actress Ester Expósito is well-known for her stunning figure, and she loves to show off her eye-popping curves. She often models sexy outfits and shares the images with her followers. Her Instagram account has already passed the counter of 26M followers.


Ester Expósito red bikini

In one of the photos, she was seen posing in a skimpy red bikini. Ester was seen posing on a white sheet while donning the skimpy red bikini. The red bikini top with straps flexed her pretty bosom and toned stomach.

She lifted her leg while posing, which complimented her stunning curves. The red ensemble made her look hot and tempting as it highlighted her mesmerizing figure. As she posed for the snap, she covered one of her eyes with her hands. Her long blond hairs were tied in a top ponytail. She wore a light makeup look, which highlighted her gorgeous facial features.


Ester Expósito topless

A few months ago, she shared another picture in which she was seen posing topless with her back towards the camera. Her toned back and flawless skin could be seen in the picture. Her small moon tattoo looked gorgeous as she posed for the photo. Her side boob was slightly exposed as she tried to cover her breast with her hands. Her red lip color could be seen, which was curved in a small smile.

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Ester Expósito naked

Ester was also seen posing naked as she crouched down on the floor. She hugged herself while posing, and her posture covered her pretty bosom. Her nicely toned body could be seen in the picture. She touched her cheeks as she posed for the images. Her blond hairs were pulled at the back to form a bun. The light side of the makeup palette was chosen for the photos. Her plump lips and magnetizing eyes made her look alluring.


Ester Expósito blurry image

The actress posted a blurry image in which she could be seen posing underwater. Only her head was above water, and the rest of her body parts, including her ears, were under the water.

She wore a jeweled necklace, which could be seen in the photo. Even in the off-focus photo, her naturally radiant skin could be seen. She chose a glam makeup look, which was dominated by bright red lip tint and a generous amount of blush brightened up her cheeks. Her sharp facial features made her look charismatic.

Ester shared a small video clip in April in which she was seen jamming with the song El Efecto by Rauw Alejandro. She was seen dancing with sexy body rolls and twerks. She wore a blue crop top that showed off her pretty bosom and toned stomach.

She was also seen wearing a white patterned bottom. Her dress made her look hot and sexy as it highlighted her enviable frame. Her blond hair was tied at the back. She wore a light makeup look with pink blusher and pink lip color.


Ester Expósito sexy

When the actress visited Tulum in Mexico, she blessed her fans with some stunning photos. In one of them, she was seen posing with scuba diving gears. She was standing on the stairs, and the water reached her knees. Ester donned a bikini that featured black-and-purple bottom with string detailing and a matching top.

The bikini bottom flaunted her peachy derriere as she posed with her back towards the camera, and then she turned her head to greet the camera with a small smile. She wore scuba-diving goggles and a life-jacket. Her blond hairstyle and light makeup look made her look pretty.



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