Zack Snyder Reveals The Backstory Of Evil Superman From Batman V Superman


Zack Snyder had thrown some light on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s Knightmare scene and had explained why Superman had been evil in Batman’s vision. In spite of him taking the director credit for Justice League, the movie was performed just a shell of what the team had intended.

Warner Bros. has not announced a Justice League 2 as of now, but the DCEU does have some projects in different stages of development. This would mean that it might take some time before the Justice League reunites. In an alternate reality where Snyder’s DC movies received a lot of positive reviews, more deaths are on the horizon, and this includes Lois Lane’s.

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Over the last couple of few weeks, Snyder became much more active on Vero True Social and engaged with a few other users who discussed the trio of DC Films projects. He had also confirmed an Easter Egg in BvS that would have made sense in Justice League 2. He is now explaining why Superman was evil in Dawn of Justice‘s Knightmare scene. The turmoil of the predicament would have made him “susceptible to a certain Equation”- the Anti-Life Equation and this leads to  Flash’s warning to Batman.

Snyder’s latest reveal fits many theories of what would have gone down in Justice League 2. Originally planned as two-parts, Part 1 would have been the failure of Steppenwolf and this paves the way for Darkseid, considering that humans have the key to unlock the Equation’s full power. It is uncertain how Lois would have bit the bullet, but Snyder is being much more outspoken about his plans for DCEU plans.

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Considering what we know right now, Snyder’s version of the DCEU would have surely had a consistent tone with that of the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Since the team-up movie had been met with a lot of mixed reactions, many changes are being made for the subsequent movies.


The filmmaker did have a vision, and he knew exacly what he was doing by creating different story components from the comics and then weaving them into a movie narrative.