Expressing Her Experience On Learning About The Scandal Of Her Ex-Partner Tristan Thompson

Expressing Her Experience On Learning About The Scandal Of Her Ex-Partner Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian, who dated Tristan Thompson back in time, shares her surprise at learning how he cheated on her. She got to know that during her whole relationship, he was fathering a child with another woman named – Maralee Nichols.

Seems like, Khloe was totally unaware of the relationship. When asked in a USA Today interview what she now thinks of the basketball player’s affair with Maralee, she was left startled. Her sister shares that it was equally difficult to deliver her the news about the affair, and it was equally brutal for her to bear with it.

The 37-year-old star shares her experience when she learned about the affair, referring to it as “déjà vu”. She also said that by the time she learned this news she was pregnant with their daughter- True, back in 2018. She shares that it doesn’t get any easier, you just learn to live with it, as she did.

She also shares that Kim was the person who broke the news to her. She also shares that being hurt by the same thing over and over again makes you numb to the pain. Not only this, but Tristan also kissed Jordyn Woods – Kylie Jenner’s best friend, back in 2019. Khloe has been used to his infidelity.

She shares that further details of this would be aired in their show Kardashians, but they try to keep their partner’s life discreet, as they didn’t sign up for this. She wants to keep the show both real, and maintain the privacy of whosoever was involved with the family. She says that it’s necessary to keep viewers concerned.

They should not feel like the show isn’t being honest, hence, they address the issues in the best way possible. Tristan takes responsibility for his actions, by publicly posting on Instagram that he has been tested positive for fathering a third child with a third woman.

He also writes that he wishes to raise his son in the best spirits, and apologize to everyone he has hurt through this news. He clarifies his action to Khloe as well.  He says that he is well aware that he has mistreated her, since they started to date, back in 2016.

He also adds that his action doesn’t match the respect and love he has for her and says sorry again for causing her hurt and humiliation. It wasn’t the first time he cheated on Khloe. His affair with a strip club worker, named- Lani Blair went public in 2018 when Khloe was about to deliver their child.

The 2018 scandal also didn’t break their relationship, but finally, in 2019, they split up, as he kissed Jordyn Woods in February 2019. But the couple got together again during the pandemic. The couple had a second break up too, but Khloe updated her status revealing that those who are meant to survive come may what.