Avengers: Infinity War Fan Watches The Movie Over Forty Times And Gets Invited To Avengers 4 Premiere!


By the time this article was written, Nem had already watched the mega movie 44 times, and he had no intention of stopping. Nem narrates each of his visits to the theater on social media. It was obvious that his popularity skyrocketed, and he has now become viral enough to be noticed by the Russo Brothers who contacted him and invited him to the world premiere of Avengers 4.

This might sound crazy to some, but, it is a really cool thing. Nem: The Infinity Watcher even saw the film twice in the same day, just in case you had any doubts. For the doubters out there,  Nemhas shared images and at times videos of his presence at the theater and the ticket receipts, which no doubt would have meant a huge expense unless he has some kind of a movie subscription or a Movie Pass sort of thing.

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Nem shared a video on social media about how he has done so far, and he wore his regular dress of a Marvel t-shirt. He is completely surprised that his Avengers: Infinity War binge has become viral and is being reported by media and generating so much attention. Even IMAX has joined his party and gave him a load of free movie passes. This is what Nem said.

“Listen, the last 12 hours have been a whirlwind of amazingness. People started to catch on that I was watching this movie a whole bunch of times. A lot of news articles was written about me; I was trending on Twitter for a little bit there, IMAX got word of me and offered 50 free tickets to keep the streak going.”

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Nem also disclosed how the Russo Brothers invited him to the world premiere of Avengers 4.  As he revealed, the directors noticed the viral trend and started following him on Twitter. Nem is willing to keep going as long as possible. He said:

“On top of all that, the Russo Brothers themselves, the directors of the film, followed me on Twitter and told me up in the DMs that I have a free ticket to the Avengers 4 premiere next year. Okay, listen, I only got eight lives left. I lost one life last night when I heard the news. Okay, so listen, how we gonna celebrate? You know what we do. We back at the movie theater. AMC. Hitting it up for the 44th time. Listen, guys, thank you for coming with me on this journey. We’re gonna hit that magic number. Stay blessed people. Keep smiling.”

It is not as if Nem: The Infinity Watcher is only an MCU maniac. He lives in Charlotte and creates music on his own. He takes breaks from his Infinity War streak to go film a music video.  We can’t say if Nem will again do the same thing with Avengers 4, but, we are sure that he will be game for it if somebody tries competing with him next year. You can have a look at his tweets below, courtesy of Nem: The Infinity Watcher’s Twitter account.