Fans Are Excited Over As Marvel Introduces New Galactus

Fans Are Excited Over As Marvel Introduces New Galactus

Marvel Universe is having a new destroyer now, and he is coming out straight from the page of Fantastic Four: Antithesis by Mark Waid and Neil Adams. The New World Devourer is a member of the Fantastic Four, and nothing can be more terrifying than having one of the world’s smartest men turned into a world-eating villain. But at the same time, it is exciting to see how Reed controls himself with the new antithesis’ powers and energy he has received.

Full spoiler for Antithesis #3 and scroll cautiously If you haven’t gone through the Issue.


Throughout the year, Galactus has never shown much of his Supervillain powers, and hence he has earned himself the name Galactus the Lifebringer. Now, the supervillain has sought the help of the Fantastic Four to destroy his antithesis, which has been turning all the lives into its playthings.

For this, Reed Richards has converted himself into Galactus as he wears the same iconic Galactus uniform to imbue himself with the power cosmic. Probably the things ahead are going to be exciting beyond ideas as there is a hint that Sue Richards, Johnny Storm, The Thing, and Galan will fight with the new Galactus to protect the universe.

As Neal Adams said to SYFY WIRE earlier this year, “The truth of the matter is that any time I’ve asked to do something they’ve pretty much let me do it… But every once in a while the subject of the Fantastic Four would come up and I realized, you know, there’s Jack Kirby and John Buscema out there…”

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