Fans Expressing Disapproval As Rebecca Gets Tanned And Braids

Fans Expressing Disapproval As Rebecca Gets Tanned And Braids

The Love Island star- Rebecca Gormley is in talks for an accusation of cultural appropriation by her followers and fans. The 24-year-old star was seen in multiple braids and a black bikini as she shared pictures on Instagram. The star is currently in Dubai.

The star looked dazzling as she braids her jet-black hair in multiple detailed braids and applied mascara and winged eyeliner, with a light shade of pink lipstick. The star was also seen wearing a tan as she was accused of blackfishing.

The star posted after her birthday thanking her fans for the never-ending birthday wishes. She pins down the caption sharing her gratefulness for all the birthday wishes she received on her birthday.

She said that she felt overwhelmed with the wishes she has received on her special day. The star wore a two-piece bikini suit as she styled her toned physique while dancing with her head crowned. Though as she got all tanned, her fans seem to get rather disappointed. The comment box was filled with negative comments.

The fans kept accusing her of cultural appropriation. Some even go to the lengths to say that stick to your own culture as this one doesn’t suit her. A fan even expressed that she feels uncomfortable seeing it. This is not the first time her name is in talk because of blackfishing.

There was a similar case back in 2020, where she defended herself against cultural appropriation. The star delightedly shared snaps with her boyfriend Biggs Chris. The fans were disappointed as she did a black woman hairstyle and showed the same in the comment section.

The fans clearly asked her to stop doing it. Even saying that she doesn’t have the right to wear that hairstyle. But there were not only negative comments. Few followers criticized the hate saying if someone tends to like your culture and wishes to follow it, where’s the flaw. She defends herself after receiving tons of ugly messages and comments.

She says that she usually wears braids and it does not mean to be disrespectful if she chooses to add a few more to them. She further defends herself by saying that she is just being herself and not copying any culture or someone else.

She also shares her love for everyone who showed positive comments on her posts saying that she really appreciates this kind act. Her boyfriend also defends herself saying that if some white man wishes to have hair like him, he’d be happy rather than getting sulky. He also says that in these modern times, perspective also changes. She also says that it’s nice to learn about other’s cultures too.