Fashion Queen Victoria Leaves Everyone Wide Eyed, As She Walks Down In Her Unique Dress

Fashion Queen Victoria Leaves Everyone Wide Eyed, As She Walks Down In Her Unique Dress

Victoria Beckham became a subject of talk, as she flaunts her style, during the nuptials of her son’s wedding. Being the mother-of-the-groom, she made sure her style hits different, and hence she was seen lauded with jewelry. It was revealed by experts that the necklace was only valued at around two million dollars.

Diamond expert, as well as co-founder of ROX Diamonds and Thrills- Kyron Keogh, reports to MailOnline that the pear-shaped diamond was approximate 15 carats. Centering attention on her, Victoria was seen wearing a black slip dress, with an added metallic luster.

The dress was elegant and long, yet Victoria carries it well enough that no one was able to take their eyes off it. The dress was designed by her fashion brand. A team of six ateliers worked for five days to make this fantastic dress. This is the first couture gown made by the brand, and indeed the response received was huge.

The dress had intricate lacework, and the star nailed it at one go. The fabric was supplied from her fabric mill in Lake Como, Italy. The idea behind the design and fabric was moonlight shining on the oceanic surface, and indeed she shone like moonlight in the event.

Victoria gave us further details about her breath-taking dress, saying the laces were French. The dress received huge praise from all including Jackie Adams and Mia Regan- her mother and son’s girlfriend. She tied her hair in a clean and tidy bun, letting a few strands loose from the front, adding sexiness to her look, and preferred light and natural makeup.

David, the father of the groom, also gave the perfect gentleman vibes. All dressed up in Dior, he praised Victoria. The couple was blending. Let’s talk about the bride and groom. It’s in the talk that Nicola’s surname has been adopted as the couple’s middle name. The couple to be known as Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz Beckham.

Victoria shows her euphoria in their marriage. Referring to Nicola as Mrs. Brooklyn. David presented an emotional speech at the wedding, bringing all eyes to tears, as he talked about their father and son bond. The groom also showed his concern about the ongoing crises in Ukraine and also asked guests to reach out for help.

The guest list was also made accordingly, as the couple is associated with humanitarian Agency Care. Nicola’s billionaire parents supported the cause heavily. The wedding also took place at Nicola’s father- Nelson’s property. Nelson also shared images from the wedding, captioning- Mr. and Mrs. Peltz Beckham.