Father And Son Duo Spotted In Florida As They Went For Paddling

Father And Son Duo Spotted In Florida As They Went For Paddling

After the grand wedding of his son Brooklyn with Nicola Peltz, David Beckham was seen enjoying himself in the sun at the Palm Beach estate. The 46-year-old father was seen having a good time with his younger son Cruz, 17, as they went paddling together.

The former football player was spotted shirtless, as he flaunted his intricate and many tattoos, while he was with his son. In a white cap and red shorts, the celebrity enjoyed family time. He shared pictures from his day out with his followers on Instagram.

He comments on the color of his shorts saying that he doesn’t think they are the most appropriate ones. His young and well-built body was seen in green shorts as he joined his father in the sport.

With a huge following of 1.9M followers, David added a caption to his latest upload- “Nervous Laugh”, as he was seen standing amongst sharks with a wide smile. It was the special event of his wife’s birthday- Victoria.

Turning 48, on Saturday, Victoria received massive congratulations and presents. David shares a throwback picture from his son’s wedding where they sat in the luxurious Jaguar. He also adds a caption saying that he should have kept the car to himself, showing his admiration for it.

The couple celebrated her birthday by having a quiet dinner in Florida, which ended up with a cute lovely selfie. He also adds the caption wishing once again Happy Birthday to his dinner date.

In another snap the star shared of his wife’s bottom, he naughtily adds a caption highlighting her toned bottom and saying happy Birthday once again. David very cautiously chose the snaps to share with his followers on his dearest wife who turned 48.

At the dinner event, the couple wore contrasting shades. The birthday girl was seen wearing all white as she posed beside her husband- David. She was wearing a white sleek blazer and white pants for the occasion.

The suit piece looked fine as the birthday lady kept her look simple. She wore little to no makeup, as she kept her blonde hair open. To accessorize it, she wore a diamond bracelet which went fine with the classy suit piece she was wearing.

Whereas, the football star was seen in a white T-shirt and black jeans. He kept his look casual like most of the time, as he wore a black leather jacket over it. He also added a gold watch to complete his look. The star was seen posing behind his wife as he smiled while holding a glass of wine.