Fiancée Travis Express Love For Kourtney On Her 43rd Birthday.

Fiancée Travis Express Love For Kourtney On Her 43rd Birthday.

Recently the supermodel Kourtney Kardashian celebrated her 43rd birthday with her fiancée Travis Baker. Travis shares a glimpse of the celebrations on his Instagram handle as he expresses his love for her fiancée. He calls her his best friend, his lover, his everything as he writes captions to his picture.

The 46-year-old musician posts a black and white selfie of the couple on his Instagram handle. In the picture which he uploaded on Instagram, Travis poses shirtless as he shows off his fantastic tattoo designs.

Whereas Kourtney, with her eyes closed in the snap, was wearing a black sleeveless top, as she tied her hair back. The drummer completed his caption as he added- I love you with a sign of infinity to it. Kardashian reacts equally warmly to the posts.

She comments on their picture expressing her love, saying that he is all she has ever dreamt of. The post receives immense support from its followers, including from Kourtney’s younger sister Khloe who left several red heart emojis.

Recently, Travis has shared about his relationship with Kortney in an Interview with the Billboard, sharing highlights from his romantic life. He also clarifies air on their famous Las Vegas wedding, as he says that it was just a practice for the final event.

Travis emphasizes how his engagement with Kourtney has added a positive influence to his life and how much he has changed in the past decade. He talks about the band he used to play for earlier- Feeble. He says after meeting Kourtney he is happy where he stands now.

He also shared the fact that Kourtney’s and Travis’ nature is very similar, which he highly stands for. Travis shares his feelings about her partner saying if it’s her then he wants them to be forever. The dating period started when Travis wrote many flirtatious comments on Kourtney’s Instagram posts, back in 2021.

Travis has been previously married to Shanna Moakler, with whom he now has two children, and to Melissa Kennedy. Whereas Kourtney is the mother of three children. She shares her children with- Scott Disick. Having spotted many a time at gatherings, they gave their relationship an official slip after the previous year’s Valentine’s Day.

They took their relationship to the next step as they engaged each other last October in Montecito, California. After their marriage practice, the official date for the main event has not been announced. Plus, they have rejected all claims for their Las Vegas marriage as a “real” event, as they say, it was a just practice for their final event.