Finally, The Final Straw Of MAFS Star Ella’s Breakup With Mitch Has Been Revealed With Tad Help Of Pals!

Finally, The Final Straw Of MAFS Star Ella’s Breakup With Mitch Has Been Revealed With Tad Help Of Pals!

It hasn’t been long since January has gone by, since the reunion dinner of the couple from the cast of Married at First Sight happened, only to lead to a dead-end eventually. On January 13, the couple was spotted having a reunion dinner to build up the bridges, aroused because Mitch left Ella at the time of final vows.

But it seems like the reunion dinner didn’t also compound any major effect on the couple. And the bond remains unbroken, and the exes haven’t spoken to each other since then. But with time, the real reason for the drift has been revealed by the friends of the ex-couple.

Some of them witnessed the series of events, leading to the sad ending of their chapter in the end. It seems like the friend circle knows all the know-how about the couple’s issues. The couple met each other on an Australian reality TV show- Married at First Sight.

Having different personalities, they did spark but not for long. It has come forward that Mitch, 27, was very quiet, and didn’t like to express much about his personal life, whereas Ella, 28, was a whole sunflower and wanted to flaunt their relationship. Turns out, the difference in opinion is a major difference indeed.

Mitch’s friends briefed them on the topic of his discreet nature, further adding that he was a low-key and never felt the need of sharing much. Though the lady of the relationship- Ella, liked to be outspoken and present herself well enough. Getting photographed never bothered Ella as it did to her partner Mitch.

It seems like Ella had different plans. Like a couple of previous seasons of MAFS- Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli she also thought of becoming the power couple of the show. But dearest Mitch didn’t share the same equation with her and her post-show media career. His ambitions turn out to be slightly different from Ella’s.

Not only something discreet he was in search of something unique also, but his friends also told him. He was nowhere bothered about his relationship with Ella, instead, he was waiting to get rid of it so that he can set his eyes out on other targets or girlfriends.

Was this the only difference between the couple? Don’t think so? Well, yes, despite all the arguments and differences, Ella didn’t step back from giving her hundred percent to Mitch, who took the efforts for granted. She even dimmed her spark for her love Mitch, at the time, when she wanted to shine.

Eventually, it was Mitch’s lack of appreciation and negativity which lead to their break-up. Seems like the female star was a little confused about her priorities- establishing a successful media culture or finding love? For a while, she found one while pursuing another, and wanted to keep it always and forever.

It has been reported that Ella poured out her heart and soul for Mitch, thinking he was the one and tried her best to make him feel special. But, people, Mitch was not in the mood of feeling anything special. One of the reasons for joining the show was also to find someone.

No issue if she couldn’t find the love of her life on the show, her focus would be on making the best out of such an opportunity. Let’s see how much Ella Ding makes out from the reality show, without slipping again. There has been a rumor about Mitch’s affair too. He is said to have been with Tamara Djordjevic. But still what tops the reason for their breakup is Ella and co-star Brent’s images surfing on the social media platforms.