The Time When Flash And Quicksilver Had A Race, And This Character Won The Race, Here’s How it Happened


A question that has been argued for a very long time is, Marvel or DC?  The two companies have crossed over, and many surprising results have been created for the fans.

In issue #2 of “Marvel Versus DC” which had seen the heroes from the publishers fight against each other (Peter David and artists Claudio Castellini, Dan Jurgens, and Gregory Wright) we saw battle which had resulted in deaths and rebirths of character from both the universes.

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The Living Tribunal and the Spectre convince the entities to have each universe’s heroes fight as champions. Reasoning this, since a few of our heroes’ battles would be pretty much never-ending, they then agree that whoever can immobilize the opponent first would win.

Issue # saw a race between Flash and Quicksilver. Quicksilver was very fast, yes he was, but Wally West was on a whole new level, and he had outpaced Quicksilver with ease.