From Co-Stars To Couple- Carolina Sandoz And Daniel Holmes Affair Gathers Attention-Cum-Criticism Everywhere, As The Couple Was Spotted Kissing At A Beach!


From secret meetups to sizzling smooches, Marriage At First Sight’s cast Carolina and Daniel Holmes’s affair is receiving everyone’s attention! Wrapping arms around Daniel, Carolina Santos, was spotted getting all romantic while kissing Daniel, slaying at the same time in a hot red G string bikini.

The “cheating couple” seemed quite open about their “affair”, without the slightest tint of regret for deceiving their partners. Carolina Santos, 34 goes cold on her partner Dani Giannarelli breaking his heart into pieces without any shame, as if the marriage never existed.

On the other hand, Daniel Holmes, 31, is also guilty of doing the same- cheating on his sweetheart- Jessica Serafina! The couple however seems to care little or no care about cheating in their respective marriages.

Carolina proposes a formal apology to Dani, making a harsh statement in disguise of a formal apology that she is sorry for hurting his feelings, but doesn’t feel bad about it, as she is happy and deserves to be so.

The Brazilian actress and gym-fit Daniel Holmes were seen taking a dip in the ocean at Sydney beach, while they got all into each other and were spotted kissing each other. Be it their co-stars, fans, or relationship experts, barely anyone seems to congratulate the couple for their little sport in sunglasses at Sydney Beach.

Eventually, the sneaky affair fails to get any approval from anyone, and effortlessly gathers a whole lot of criticism. Co-stars from Marriage At First Sight also called the affair – “Disgusting”. Few mocked or extended sympathies to Dion Giannarelli.

John Aiken- a well-known relationship expert also criticizes the affair, calling it “Smug and apologetic”. However, disgracing the affair wasn’t enough for him, he further expresses his disappointment saying that the affair just shows their insecurity and the couple should take accountability for their actions.

To add more, he says they are not realising the consequences of their young love. But the couple is simply unbothered by all the comments and controversy. How and when did things got so spiced up between the couple who started as co-stars?

Having met on the show only, the casts were filming when they got close to each other. Guess what people, filming got real, and they fell for each other. Seems like the couple wasn’t alone at the beach; they were accompanied by Carolina’s pet dog Lola too.

It was seen along her side, when she went to take another dip in the ocean, after asking Daniel multiple times to join her. Well, it seemed the day was spent well at the beach, as the couple was seen relaxing and sunbathing, after finding a perfect spot for themselves.

Daniel was seen applying suntan lotion all over his darling Carolina’s body as she lay on her stomach. After being the center of attention let’s see whether the couple decides to take their “affair” to a serious level. Otherwise, time will tell whether the affair makes it through all the criticism or goes down in flames?