Gal Gadot Portrays A Powerful Woman In Gucci Ad As She Plays Piano Naked (10 Pics)

Gal Gadot Portrays A Powerful Woman In Gucci Ad As She Plays Piano Naked

Gucci, for their advertisements and campaigns, has always been praised for being soft yet powerful. For their new fragrance, Bamboo, the commercial is powerful and elegant. They chose Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot to be the face of their perfume. The actress talked in interviews about how she felt while working on the commercial. A particular scene from the 2015 commercial snatched the attention of many viewers.


Gal gadot posing naked

Gal was seen playing the piano while posing naked. Her toned body could be seen from the back. A bit of her butt was on the screen as she leaned on the piano to play. Her brown locks cascaded her back which made her look charismatic.

The ad intended to project a strong, powerful woman. The actress revealed how she was told to portray the character in the briefing. While talking to her, Fabien Baron said, “I want to show that women can be strong and independent, and they can lead, but at the same time they are still sexy and happy about life.

” The actress expressed her feeling about the particular scene in one of her interviews, “Just sit tight! And don’t move so nothing will pop out.” In a serious tone, she added why she liked the particular scene from the ad, “I really liked that scene because I thought it was so original, and it shows a woman playing this big, powerful instrument, liberated in her own skin, feeling comfortable, and celebrating her own femininity.”


Gal gadot backless dress

Gal looked like the embodiment of grace and elegance in the commercial as she donned a backless dress. She wore pretty accessories like bangles for the shoot. A glam makeup look was chosen to highlight her gorgeous facial features.

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Gal gadot silver outfit

Recently, she also posed in a revealing silver outfit. The outfit revealed her ample cleavage, and as she posed for the camera to let it capture her frontal view. She chose the light side of the makeup palette for her look. It featured a little amount of blusher, highlighter, and light pink lip color. Her black hair was styled straight to fall on her shoulder.


Gal Gadot black bra and black brief

The Wonder Woman actress showed off her wonderful body in a snap as she posed in a strapless black bra and black brief. She wore a red coat on top of it. Her toned stomach was highlighted by the ensemble. Her brunette waves cascaded on her shoulder, which made her look charming. She stuck her tongue out while posing. Her dimpled smile looked charismatic as she wore a light makeup look.




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