What Kind Of Games Atari’s New Console Will Offer? Here’s What We Know


Atari recently announced that it was getting back into producing gaming hardware amid a whole lot of skepticism as it had gone bankrupt in 2013. Atari had licensed its gaming library to multiple platforms over the years so classic compilations of games, including Atari titles, have been available for a while now.

The Atari box is a console that is designed to play both classic and current games. There will be two different versions of the device. One, a wood grain option, and the other a modern design.

The console has USB ports for controllers, an SD card slot, HDMI output, and an Ethernet jack.

Atari has promised modern hardware specifications on the console but has not gone into many details about it yet. Since a good smartphone can play classic Atari games and access Google Play, we wonder whether Atari will go down the same road.

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Does Anyone Actually Want This Thing?

Due to the limited controls and graphics of the Atari, it will be a challenge for the company to sell them to modern gamers. Nintendo Entertainment System ran at 1.8MHz versus the Atari 2600’s 1.2MHz, has 2KB of RAM versus 128 bytes for the Atari 2600, and can play games up to 1MB in size, compared to the Atari which can only hold upto 32KB.

Also, the Atari 2600 games have increasingly difficult stages where if you lose, you go back to the beginning or continue until they became unplayable.

Speaking of the controls, many Atari games required the player to either use both joysticks simultaneously or press the joystick in a particular direction while hitting the button at the same time.

Ultimately, how well this console will sell depends on how nostalgic fans are about owning an Atari. Nintendo managed to sell 2.3 million of the NES Classic Edition at a price of $59.99, and the console was way simpler than Atari.

Atari will also have to compete with the likes of Sony, and Microsoft who are already the top gaming consoles in the market. Atari lacks the expertise in gaming or hardware design and does not have the extensive longstanding publisher agreements.

Atari’s spokespeople have now clarified that they are trying to get the device right and not just lead people on. But with a whole lot of anticipation building for the Xbox One X, Atari does not have time especially if it is going against Nintendo’s Super NES Classic Edition.