Fans Are Calling Thanos-Gamora Relationship as BVS “Martha Moment” Of Infinity War


The comic book nerds have always been in love with Gamora, and she is a favorite of most. A straight-forward, brave assassin bordering on grumpy and with a heart of gold, at least as long as things go her way, Gamora is your typical ‘mighty female’ hero, but, she is unique in the way she does things, and it is difficult not to love her.

The adopted daughter of Thanos has long been shown to be a powerful and fearless (she has been given the title of the ‘most dangerous woman in the galaxy’) lady who is ready to embrace death for her friends and is confident and free about her sexuality.

Then why has she got a rough deal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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Marvel Studios’ diversity issues are well known, and it is only beginning to make amends by having created Black Panther which was dominated by people of color, but, it will still be a wait of 11 years from the day the Marvel Cinematic Universe came into existence, to see Captain Marvel, the first female-led superhero movie from Marvel. For a number of years, Black Widow has remained to be the backbencher of the Avengers, and even now, most of the characters in Avengers: Infinity War are male. The fact is, the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues being a huge arena for boys predominantly.

Don’t misunderstand us; we do like what Zoe Saldana has been doing with the character. She has definitely proven that she is an extremely talented fighter and among the more morally correct members of the assembled team called Guardians of the Galaxy. We loved the exploration of her bond with Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, although that narrative was more about revealing the cyborg origins of Karen Gillan’s character instead of her green sister. We also saw in that film how powerful Gamora is.

However, the Gamora in Marvel Cinematic Universe has been greatly dominated by the men in her life, and her own story has been brief to accommodate Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) and now Thanos (Josh Brolin).

The main part of Gamora in the Guardians movies was about Peter Quill trying to romance her. At first, she discouraged Star-Lord, but, it might have been impossible to resist his boyish and disgusting charms. The movie took the typical,  clichéd turn wherein Gamora was just a pretty lady dying in space who was rescued by Peter. Imagine how fascinating it would have been to see her saving his life, and that might even have been more logical since she is way tougher and dependable than the so-called hero.

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The bias against Gamora is highlighted when Drax, a dumb guy who is absolutely incapable of understanding metaphors, manages to refer to her as a “green whore,” which she obviously is not. Yet, nobody took offense.

The same track continued in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and Peter convinced her to not only like his music but dance with him as well. Probably, it wasn’t suited to her.

Let’s now talk about Avengers: Infinity War wherein Gamora gets some kind of her story,  an ‘I am up in arms against my evil father’ kind of track. She pleads Star-Lord to murder her than to etThanos get hold of her and find out the location of the Soul Stone. He even tries granting her wish after a nasty fight culminated in Thanos capturing her, but, he failed to do so due to Thanos’ intervention.

And when the time came for her to go through the same pain, she let the whole universe go to dogs because she couldn’t see Nebula getting tortured. Does that mean Star-Lord is mightier and more reliable than her?

The last and even more insulting event in her story was when she is hauled up the mountain to locate the Soul Stone. We watch when she totally fails to figure out that Thanos would kill her to get the magical Gauntlet, although the whole audience could understand it.  It is absolutely unsettling to see her realize only when Thanos dragged her slowly to the edge of the cliff and hurled her down to her death.

Avengers: Infinity War suddenly becomes a saga of Thanos’ regret and the despair of Peter about losing her.