This Is How Bruce Wayne Will Become Batman In Gotham


The whole narrative of Gotham has been leading up to a single event: the transformation of a young Bruce Wayne into the Batman, the vigilante of Gotham City. The last four years have revealed some compelling visuals of this change, but, there were no drastic changes in the persona of the teenage Bruce Wayne.

Now that the Season Four is almost wrapping up,  the series might have officially created the path which will convert Bruce from a young justice seeker into a fully evolved Batman, and all the action starts with “No Man’s Land.”

It is already known to us that Gotham will soon witness a cataclysmic event during the season finale, which will get the Batman: No Man’s Land comic book story going. If you are not a comic book reader, this story witnesses a mighty tremor flatten Gotham city and gives an opportunity for criminals to escape. The whole city plunges into maddening chaos. The last episode of Gotham showed Ra’s al Ghul come back from the dead and he appeared in front of Bruce and Selina at Wayne Manor. The villain cautioned Bruce that he had got a premonition of the danger which was going to hit Gotham City, and also stated that he would utilize the opportunity to convert the young man into the protector of Gotham.

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“I saw a vision of a cataclysmic event soon to befall this city,” Ra’s told Bruce. “A cleansing fire that will destroy, purify, create – create you, Bruce. Because I will use it as a mighty forge, molding you into a Dark Knight of Gotham. If it doesn’t kill you, that is.”

The comic books show Ra’s al Ghul as the mentor who teaches Bruce to become a real warrior. It was Ra who in fact, was instrumental in the creation of Batman.

Ra had also been seen on Gotham when Season Three approached its end, and  his first major story indicated that Gotham was going to take a different trajectory with Bruce’s training. The only purpose that Ra’s appearance and his death later accomplished was to convert Bruce into a young idiot who spent most of his time bar hopping. The new story arc, however, clearly shows that Ra will be the key to Batman’s creation.

Recently, the Gotham Executive Producer, Danny Cannon had stated that there were some big changes coming up for Bruce and those would be seen along with the introduction of “No  Man’s Land” during the spring. What he said was absolutely in sync with the foreboding message delivered by Ra’s al Ghul.

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The end of the season, we’re heading towards a cataclysmic event which will change Gotham forever and will change the way everybody interacts,” Cannon had said “We’re heading towards something that is so catastrophic that nobody will be the same afterward. Bruce Wayne’s path towards that man just becomes clearer and clearer. That’s as much as I can say about that.”

Are we going to see Bruce Wayne morph into Batman in the Gotham Season Five? The answer will be revealed by time, but, there is quite a strong possibility of that happening.

Gotham will be back to air the final three episodes of the current season on Thursday, May 3rd at 8 pm ET on FOX. The series is on a week’s break since FOX is airing the NFL draft.