Green Lantern Can Appear In Arrowverse Soon, David Ramsey, (Diggle) Hints


Due to the many worlds of the Arrowverse, all characters of The CW’s DC Comics-inspired TV shows have multiple versions of themselves. On Arrow, Earth-2’s Laurel Lance made herself at home on Earth-1, and Black Siren pretended to be her better version. The fans have not seen any doppelgangers for everyone in the Arrowverse yet, but David Ramsey had a very specific vision for what the alternate Earth self is actually doing.

At the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Nashville, Ramsey had said that he does think that doppelganger will have a pretty specific accessory.

“Well mine would have a power ring,” Ramsey had said.

“Mine would have a green power ring.”

There are many possible Lanterns and even associated power batteries in the Emotional Spectrum which an alternative Diggle can be, Ramsey’s insistence on the green power ring may make him, well, a Green Lantern.

Ramsey had floated this idea many times when he had been asked about Earth-X counterpart. “Crisis on Earth-X” had revealed all the Nazi versions of many heroes but Diggle was not among these.

“I think Diggle’s doppelganger should have a certain power ring,” Ramsey said then. “Just saying. But I have no idea who he’s going to be if we’re going to see him.”

While Ryan Reynolds had played Green Lantern, Hal Jordan in the 2011 movie, this film did not sit well with the audiences. The DC Extended Universe is now planning a Green Lantern Corps feature movie and this is set to release in 2020.

“We’re kind of working on Diggle’s parents,” Ramsey had said. “You know, Diggle was hatched. We haven’t seen Diggle’s parents yet so we’re working on that so, baby steps.”

Arrow airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW. The season six finale, “Life Sentence”, airs May 17.