Here Is What The Green Lantern Film Writer Said About Deadpool 2’s Dig At The Movie


Warning: this Article has Deadpool 2 Spoilers. Avoid if you haven’t seen the film. We have warned you.

As the film approaches its end, Cable uses his time travel device for one last time, as he was not able to go back to the original time from where he came. Deadpool fixes the machine and goes on a time hop. Among the various stops he made was at the moment when Ryan Reynolds got the Green Lantern script for the first time. Deadpool is seen shooting him and offering apologies to Canada.

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Marc Guggenheim had written Green Lantern, and he saw Deadpool 2 recently. The writer did a hat tip to the Deadpool 2 team for doing a great job. “Just saw Deadpool 2. Well played, @VancityReynolds. Well played. #GreenLantern.”

Guggenheim was one of the four writers who worked on Green Lantern alongside Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Michael Goldenberg. The movie failed to live up to the expectations, and Reyolds said, the truth was that they didn’t even get the script before the film started shooting. It is another thing for a script to get delayed, but, as is clear, it was available only by the time the filming was halfway through.

“You just go back to script, script, script,” Reynolds had said recently during a Q & A screening for Deadpool 2. “[On Green Lantern] we did not have a working script until we were halfway through shooting. That is a handicap; there’s nothing you can do about that. And that’s just the nature of this business oftentimes, it’s a poster and release date first, start shooting, and we’ll figure out the rest as we go. And it’s just; it’s insane. It’s hard for everyone. Everyone that worked on that movie gave their last drop of blood.”

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Warner Bros has maintained a sporting spirit about all the pot shots taken by  Reynolds during the two Deadpool movies. In fact, it is not as if he taunted only  Warner Bros because 20th Century Fox and the X-Men franchise has also been ridiculed generously.

Warner Bros took time to get back to the Green Lantern, but, they have a Green Lantern Corps film under development with plans to release it in 2020. We just need to wait and watch whether it turns out to be a fresh version of this fantastic DC character.

Deadpool 2 is running in theaters.