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Greta Garbo worked in a jam factory, and Karl Alfred Gustafsson, a labourer. She was fourteen when his father died, leaving the family destitute. Greta forcibly must leave school and work in a department store shop used as a model in its newspaper advertising.

She had no film aspirations until she appeared in short advertising films in the same department store when she was a teenager. Erik A. Petschler, a comedy director, saw the movie and gave her a small role in Luffar-Petter (1922). Encouraged by his appearance, he applied for and won a scholarship to drama school Swedish.

Greta Garbo hot pictures
Greta Garbo hot pictures

He appeared in at least one movie. Both portions are small, but it’s a start. Finally, the famous Swedish director Mauritz Stiller pulled from drama school for the leading role in The Saga of G√∂staBerling (1924). In 18 yrs she was on a roll. Greta continued to give intense performances in whatever he has.

Greta Garbo sexy pictures
Greta Garbo sexy pictures

The following year she was cast in what turned out to be yet another hit, Grand Hotel (1932). However, it was at MGM Anna Karenina (1935) that he provides what some consider the performance of his life. He was careful in the role of a woman torn between two lovers and their children.

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Shortly after, she starred in the historical drama Queen Christina (1933) plays the title character to great acclaim. He earned an Oscar nomination for her role in the romantic story of Camille (1936), once again played the title character. His career suffered a setback in the next year in the Conquest (1937), which was a box office disaster.

Greta Garbo hot photos

She then made a comeback when he starred in Ninotchka (1939), which showed off her comedic side. It was not until two years later she made what became his final film, Two-Faced Woman (1941), another comedy. But this film attracted controversy and condemned by the Catholic Church and other groups and box office failures, which leave Garbo shaken.

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After World War II, came to feel that the world has changed perhaps forever, he retired, never again to face the camera he would work for the rest of his life to perpetuate the Garbo mystique. The movie, she felt, had their proper place in history and would gain in value.

Greta Garbo sexy pic

He left Hollywood and moved to New York City. He would jet-set with some of the most famous personalities as Aristotle Onassis and others. She spent time gardening, flowers, and vegetable increases.

Greta Garbo sexy

In 1954, Greta was given a special Oscar for unforgettable performances of the past. He even wrote his biography in 1990. On April 15, 1990, Greta died of illness in New York, and with him went Garbo Mystique. He 84.was 84th

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Greta Garbo hot pics Greta Garbo hot Greta Garbo sexy pics

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